Questions & Answers - May 22, 2018

J: Aapke Charano mein mera Paranam, Swamiji. I am not a perfect person but I am not the worst either. I admit my mistakes and I try my best to do what others around me want to do. I have a daughter who will start college soon and I have a son who is younger. My son is a miracle baby. We did so many prayers to have him. I also live with both my in laws who are in mid 70s and 80s.

Questions & Answers - May 16, 2018

Anonymous: Guru maharaj ji ko charan sparsh...i want to ask that is there any cure in vedas for maintaining bramcharya during sleep. I feel laziness and energy loss along with headache and i fear that this is also adversely affecting my memory and sight.. I am reluctant to talk about this to my parents or consult any doctor and i have been reading this blog since a long i thought that every disease or problem can be cured by following vedic methods so i hope that i will be relieved of this problem if i approach a vedic acharya.

Questions & Answers - May 07, 2018

KT: Maharaj ji pranam.. Mera ek qus hai. Kya ek yogi khabhi jhoth nhi bolte.che situation jo bhi ho.? Yogi ka mtlab hota kya hai kya khabhi kisi family ya fir samaj kw wajah se jhoth bol skte hai. Ya fir hmesa sach bolete hai. Maharaji humne to ek he yogi dekhe hai.. Baba ramdev jinke kapde to orange hote hai bt maharaj ji wo jhoth ku bolte hai mera products use kro wo acha hai. Ya fir ye ke yog kr lo sari bimari dur ho jayegi. Akhir maharaj ji yogi hote kon hai

Quest to realize truth in human life

By Swami Ramswarupji The target of a human life to realize truth under the guidance of a Guru even continues (in) the family life like Shri Ram, sita etc., or a brahamcharya life like Bal brahmcharini Gargi who was the Guru of king Janak. But now a days due to attraction in materialistic articles only the people have become ignorant about the path of eternal spiritualism for which we have been blessed with a human body.

Upasana (Eternal Worship)

By Swami Ramswarupji All four Vedas, preach us three divine educations i.e., Gyankand (Rigveda) Karma kand(Yajurveda) and Upasana Kand(Samveda). Upasana i.e., Worship of God has especially been taught in Samveda. That is why, Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj himself praises Samveda in Bhagwad Geeta Shloka 10/22 saying Oh! Arjun, “ Vedanaam Samvedaha Asmi” i.e., in all four Vedas , I’m Samveda. Worship and the science of music, including singing of spiritual bhajans etc., is also preached in Samveda. The description of one Samveda mantra pertaining to worship (Tapasya) is mentioned below:-

The Land is our Mother - Vande Mataram

By Swami Ramswarupji I wish to display the same honour and respect towards the pious slogan of Vande Mataram as was rendered by Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Parsis, Jains etc. i.e. all the sections of society, in the struggle for freedom. The slogan of Vande Mataram has been the symbol of unity, security, non-violence, brotherhood and several pious qualities during freedom struggle. Then why can’t it symbolize the same qualities at present also?

Questions & Answers - April 12, 2018

Gowtham: What you think about Bible? If we read bible instead of veda gain knowledge easy. Because veda has 2 parts you people know all these things soo big as we think. The peoplare telling this vedas only for mahatma not for ordinary people.

Why brahmins won't teach these things to everyone.?

Why they have a partiality ..?

Why they have a thought brahmins are pure others not...?

I am telling about older days.

Why we use veda..?

If we read bible is it correct. ..?

Questions & Answers - April 09, 2018

Anupam: गुरुजी सादर प्रणाम।गुरुजी मैने vedas a divine light के 5 भाग मे पढ़ा कि विवाह से समय कलश भरकर रखा जाता है व रोली से वेदी सजाई जाती है।इसका क्या प्रयोजन होता है।गुरुजी वैसे तो मैं आपके प्रवचन सुनती हूँ जिनसे कुछ वेद मंत्रों के अर्थ समझ आते है।इन्हें स्वयं से पढ़ने के लिए क्या प्रक्रिया अपनाई जाए।गुरुजी मनुस्मृति कब लिखा गया था।
Swami Ramswarup: Ashirwad beti. Paani ka ghada isliye bhara jaata hai ki in case aag lag jaaye to us paani se fauran bujha dee jaye. Ghade mein panee rakhne ka aur koi prayojan nahi hai.

Questions & Answers - April 07, 2018

Anonymous: Swami jee pranam . Maine niyog se related questions pucha tha pehle apne refernece ke lie bola tha . to swami jee manusmriti 9.57 ke anusar bad e bhai ki patni hoti hai "Guru patni" ke saman aur chote bhai ki patni hoti hai daughter in law ke jaise? ab aap batiye ki niyog aur vivah kasie possible hai ? emergency ka matlab ye to nahi ki banda maryada bhul jaye? ye sab padke bada dukh hota hai meri shanka ka samadhan karein dhanyvaad.