Questions & Answers - December 07, 2016

B: Sir, I have faced a lot of obstacles from my enemies. They have blocked the marriage of my sister and my brother’s upliftment in life. Can you suggest some solution to these problems? We are praying Narayana Kavas and maintain a pious spiritual path.
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you, my daughter.

There is no solution in this matter except to take help of police. I would also advise you to do the followings:-

Shubh Karma

Questions & Answers - December 06, 2016

CP: I am facing problems in my job. I am quite disturbed. Please help me.
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you. There is a fundamental law that “Try, Try, Try Again And You Will Sure Get Success”. This is a matter of taking care of family and nursing i.e., it is a serious matter. However, to seek the blessings of Almighty God, I would advise you to do the followings:

Shubh Karma

Questions & Answers - December 05, 2016

Sarjit: Swami ji agar koi insan bhagwan ki seva krta hai aur usse mandir mein koi paap ho jata hai janbujkar ya anjane mein to kya bhagwan uski us galti ko maaf krenge ya nahi?

Questions & Answers - December 04, 2016

Jatin: Acharya ji, please send me Bhrahamcharya ek aushadhi in Hindi.
Swami Ramswarup: Please send your address to send the requisite book to you. Price of the book is worth Rs.100/- excluding postal charges.

Sandeep: Mrityu - Ek Katu Satya, Patanjal Yog Darshan - Part 1 swamiji mere pas ye do pushtak nahi hai, aap bejne ke kripa kare danewaad.
Swami Ramswarup: Both the books are out of stock please, when the books will be reprinted, the same will be sent to you.

P A: I want to know about my married life.

Questions & Answers - December 03, 2016

Swami Ramswarup: Ved Ishwareeya vanni is half-yearly magazine from here. It is written in English and partly in Hindi. Magazine is being sent to you on receipt of your postal address. Please confirm that it can be sent to you half-yearly.

Questions & Answers - December 02, 2016

Ripal: Namaste, Thank you very much Swamiji. For Gayatri Havan, is there any particular date (or any date) for the year 2016-17?
Swami Ramswarup: Namasteji. You are welcome, please. Agnihotra with Gayatri mantra is performed daily, both times for whole of life, please. As regards days, every day is pious day being created by purest God.

Shubh Din

Questions & Answers - December 01, 2016

Abhishek: Namastay guruji, Bhagwaan Ganesh Jo 14 vidhya ke dhaani hai. Is ka matalabh kya hai? Kya sirf 14 prakar ki shaktiyaan Bhagwaan ganesh ke pass hai? Krupaya mujhe bataye.

Questions & Answers - November 30, 2016

AS: Someone has cursed my husband "Anewalo bachhe mar jayegi". Yise. Mere ko bhahud dhukit ho raha hai.. Yaise mere bachh mar jayengi? Bhut sal bhad mee bachhe aa raha hai.. Please guruji uttar dijiye.
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. Beti aapko shaap kee chinta nahin karnee chahiye kyunki Atharvaved mein Ishwar kehta hai ki jo shaap deta hai weh shaap ulta usee ko lagta hai isliye khud kisi ko gaali-galauch ya shaap nahin dena chahiye. Aapke bachhe kee lambee aayu hai, beti. Ishwar ka ashirwad paane ke liye nimnilikhit karein-

Questions & Answers - November 29, 2016

Sapana: Pranam Guruji!! Kya vedo me kisi bhi dampati ko kitne bachhe paida karne chahiye iski koi jankari di hai kya? Grihastha ashram me rehke couple ne kabse bramhacharya ka palan karna start karna chahiye? Dhanyawad!

Questions & Answers - November 28, 2016

Subash: 1.mereku job kab milega,2.kisi lie mera tabiyat sarbada kharap ho rahahe,3.kab mera sadi hoga?

Questions & Answers - November 27, 2016

Anonymous: Swamiji.. Mere yichha maraneke liye.. Mai jivan se bhahut dhkha aa chuka hai.. Yisliye mai marana chati huu. Maraneke liye koyi be upaya hai. Per mai yichha karata huu.. Naturally death.mai din bar god devi ke pas yahi mangti huu marana.. Plz aap muje bhatayiye. Yek upaya marane keli.. Or koyi be mantra padane yaisa mantra bol dijye krupaya... Mai intazaar kar raha huu apaka uttar. Plzz shigrata muje upay dijiye mantra boliye marane ke liye.. Mai kisi kobi nayi bolunga mere vachana hai.

Questions & Answers - November 26, 2016

VidyaSagar: Namaste Guruji, I have a funny vichaar once but i could not able to negete. Can you please confirm of the truthfull ness of this vichaar? After a small understanding of your preach and astanga yoga and its practice in life, I came to a conclusion that mukti is not lifelessness (no janma ever). I some how feel that, if it is born then has to be dead, and if it is dead then had to born again. when the soul enters into some body form (born) then leaves after having more vikaras or loosing existing vikaras by learning the vidya ( veda) and then takes another body.

Questions & Answers - November 25, 2016

Pankaj: Charan sparsh guruji, mujhe ek baat samahj nahi aati. ki auraaton ki masik dharam KO apavitra kyo mama gaya hai. agar kisi auraat KO masik dharam ho to usse kisi pooja ya dharmik prayojan main shamill nahi ki ya jata. Hindu dharam ki Devi devta KO iss masik dharam ki itani problem kyo hai. aisi kya wajah hai. mujhe bataye

Questions & Answers - November 24, 2016

S P: Guruji, I am in critical financial problem without job since last 3 years. Please help me Guruji.
Swami Ramswarup: To be an unearning hand for last three years is not a good sign. A person must do something to earn to look after his family and himself. There are so many kinds of jobs, hardworking small scale business, labour type job to earn the money and even to get success in the life. Please do the needful. However, to get the blessings of Almighty God I advise you to do the followings:-

Shubh Karma

Questions & Answers - November 23, 2016

JJDFL: When we go out when we see any milkman, wheatman.. Is it good or bad?
Swami Ramswarup: Everything is good, even every day is good if we daily do agnihotra from ved mantras under the guidance of a learned acharya of Vedas. You are advised to do the followings:-

Shubh Karma


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