Questions & Answers - July 11, 2018

Rajat: Guru ji parnam.. Apne jaise batya ki Vedas me Kisi v Avtaar ki baat nhi ki gyi hai. Jaise ke Ram, vishnu, or Krishna Maharaj v. Kya ap Is verse ko explain kro ge?

The one born before sunrise and later taken to the place of the cows, is one without a second. He is adorned with bright, attractive and transcendental ornaments. The Gods and the Seers worship him with unlimited faith and devotion." - (Rig Veda - 3.55.1

This verse gives very strong hints about Lord Krishna or Not, Please guru ji margdarshn kijiye

Questions & Answers - July 10, 2018

Anonymous: Pranaam Guruji, I wish to seek your blessings for a successful court case, I have on the 24th of May 2018, regarding matters, of which I sent before. Bahaut Dhanaywaad Guruji. Pranaam.
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you, beta. Sorry, being busy, I could not reply earlier. I bless you for your bright future.

Questions & Answers - July 09, 2018

Deep: Pranam Guruji. Aap kaise hai? Guruji Mera ek sawal hai, agar aap uska please uttar de to bada upkar ho ga. Guruji important Kya hai, pratigya/kasam ki rakhsha karna ya dharam ki rakhsha karna.

Questions & Answers - July 08, 2018

Anonymous: What was the most important belief common to the philosophies?
Swami Ramswarup: To know the truth.

Jugalpreet: Sat Sri Akal Maharaj ji.. apke charno me pranaam.. babaji kya hume apne guru k bare me kisi se baat nhi krni chahiye?? Mera bht dil krta hai guruji ki ustat krne ka.. din raat guru ko yaad krne ka.. guru k updesh yaad krne ka... Sbko bithakar bs apne guru ki tareef krti rhu .. aisa dil krta hai..

Questions & Answers - July 07, 2018

Dev: Namaste Swamiji , Jai shree ram. 1)How makardhawj in Ramayana was born?

2) Please explain BG 7/20 which Zakir Naik always reiterate?

3) Shri Krishna in BG says I'm God ,what does it mean ? Isn't it a Contradictions with Vedas ?

4) Shri Krishna ne geeta sunaya , arjun ne suna , tho geeta likha kisne?

Please enlighten me Swamiji
Swami Ramswarup: (1.) Namasteji. Authentic Ramayan is Valmiki Ramayan wherein the name of Makardhwaj, as told by you does not exist.

(2.) Meaning of Geeta shloka 7/20

Questions & Answers - July 06, 2018

Shivanshu: Pranam Swamiji, Swamiji we all have heard about great female sages like Maitreyi , Gargi, etc but why not about any Queen who administrated country in Vedic period or of any female army commander? What does Vedas say about a female being given power to govern if she's eligible? Swamiji, can I come along with my mother to the ved mandir for getting my yajnopavit(janehayu) sanskar done by you in month of July?

Questions & Answers - July 05, 2018

Kunal: Sadar charan sparsh swamiji. Swamiji ved, brahman granth ,aranyak,upanishad ,nirukt ,nighatu ityaadi vedic vyakaran shastraon mein kahan kahan 'मातापितरौ' shabd aata hai? Swamiji iss shabad ka sabhi grantho mein kahan kahan upyog hua ved ,brahman granth ,aranyak , upanishad, shaddarshan ,nirukt ,nighatu aur anya vyakaran shastron mein?
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you. Matapitrau shabda to anek jagah aata hai jiskee ganna nahi kee ja saktee.

Questions & Answers - July 04, 2018

Anupam: गुरुजी सादर प्रणाम।गुरुजी वेदांत दर्शन व्यास मुनिजी द्वारा लिखित है व शंकराचार्य द्वारा भी।शकराचार्य जी के वेदांत दर्शन मे अहम्ब्रह्स्मि का विचार है।आपने जो वेदज्ञान दिया है उस आधार पर यह भी समझ आता है कि व्यास मुनि जी ने अपने दर्शन मैं वेद ज्ञान आधारित तथ्य ही प्रस्तुत किये होंगे।शंकराचार्य जी किस युग मे हुऐ।गुरुजी शंकराचार्य जी ने वेद विरुद्ध बात किस आधार पर लिखी।क्या दोनों वेदांत दर्शन मैं अंतर उसी प्रकार देखा जाए जैसे बाल्मीकि रामायण व तुलसीदासजी की रामचरित मानस।

Questions & Answers - July 03, 2018

Ram: Namaste Swamiji I am interested in the principles of Aryasamaj. I am from Kerala. I am performing Vedic Sandhya daily. In my home already there is a small Pooja room filled with portrait of lot of dieties. Can I remove those portraits and use the room for performing Sandhya?

Questions & Answers - July 02, 2018

Menon: What should be a girl's attitude and behaviour towards her Father- in- Law according to Hindu religious texts?
Swami Ramswarup: The daughter-in-law must always be humble, faithful, respectful and obedient towards her in-laws. She should serve better by providing them with food etc. happily.

Questions & Answers - July 01, 2018

VJ: Maharaj ji prnam.maharaj ji main naam jap, pranayam,g gayatri jap or hawan roj kar raha hu.maharaj ji mujhse ye sab sahi ho raha hai ya koi galti ho rahi hai kripa karke margdarshan kar dijiye.maharaj ji main bahut bure dour se gujar raha hu.maharaj ji sirf aap hi mujhe is dour se mukti dila sakte hain kripa kijiye gurudev kripa kijiye. Pranam maharaj ji.

Questions & Answers - June 30, 2018

Harish: Guru ji Parnam, Just one question on direction of face while performing hawan as yajens are going on. No doubt that GOD is omnipresent but when one individually performs hawan in the morning, he keep his face towards sun (east direction). In the evening when sun sets in the west the face is towards west while performing hawan. In which direction one should keep face while performing hawan in the after noon. Should one change position in the after noon as per the position of Sun?

Questions & Answers - June 29, 2018

SG: How to pull out from very serious trouble like trapped in false case and facing jail?
Swami Ramswarup: God protects everybody. The real worship, divine deeds, divine knowledge and power etc. has been mentioned by God Himself in Vedas. I mean to say, those who worship God according to Vedas under the guidance of learned acharya, they are always protected by God from all troubles. The persons who are afraid of going to jail should follow vedic marg and do the following-

Shubh Karma

Questions & Answers - June 28, 2018

Vishal: Namaste Guruji, You focus very on study of Veda to realize God. But I like to know how Nanak, Kabir, Ravidas realized God without studying Veda? How they got enlightened without knowing Veda?
Swami Ramswarup: Namasteji. All the said dignitaries are most respectworthy and spread their good preach amongst the public to promote brotherhood and do name-jaap of God. No more comments please.

Questions & Answers - June 02, 2018

Rishi: Guruji pranam, Gopal mani maharaj is doing a great service of cows in india. what is your views about him. OM.
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you. To pay attention towards services to cows is the most pious deed. So, Gopal mani Maharaj is discharging his pious duties well and God is pleased.

Anonymous: Pranam guruji Thank you guruji I got the first magazine. Thank you once again.
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you. You are welcome, please.


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