Eternal Vedic culture for the whole world - Lecture 5

Atharvaveda says "Eko Brahm --------."means God is one who creates the Universe and there is no other God even equivalent to Him. After creating the Universe God has blessed us with the best education in the form of four Vedas wherein Yoga Philosophy along with so many other thousands of duties have been preached to be accepted by all human beings for a happy life. However,when a question of maintaining/promoting Indian Culture arises dresses, folk and classical music, literature in several languages and other more items are naturally deemed essential to be considered . But now a days it has been a matter of sorrow that the most ancient and authenticated Indian culture i.e. ,Yoga philosophy preached in four Vedas and still kept in the world's library has been over sighted by one or the other reasons. This invaluable world fame culture used to be studied and adopted in daily life only by our forefathers like Lord Manu, Rama , Krishna, kings like HarishChandra and Yudishtra etc. By virtue of which they realized the truth, looked after the people nicely and properly and thus at last attained salvation i.e.,the main motto of life.In this way they have left behind a traditional auspicious deeds to be adopted by the following generations, essential for a long happy life and not the worst one usually seen now a days. Tulsi and Valmiki ji have stated this fact in their Ramayans about the happy life of the public of ancient times specially for Lord Rama also.They have awared Lord Rama with special quality- " SHRUTI PATH PALAK" . Shruti means four Vedas i.e .Rama had been adopting his every step of life in accordance with the auspicious deeds like Yajna,Yoga Philosophy and to rule the Nation judiciously etc.,all preached in four Vedas.Therefore very rightly it has been a truly proverb of our great India that India by means of only said Vedic culture had been a pious Earth to generate Rishis/ Munis/Yogis and used to be called a world's spiritual master and Golden bird. Now we come again on the culture .In previous series(Lecture 4) we were considering a word "Ashwa.". Now a days the worldly meaning of word Ashwa is "Horse". But its divine meaning is -

"ASHWA VAHI RASHTRAHA" i.e., Ashwaha means Nation. This divine meaning is mentioned in ancient Brahaman holy book written by Yask Muni . In all the ancient holy books like Maha-Bharat And Valmiki Ramayana etc., this word has been used stating that all the kings and people of ancient time like Lord Manu , Rama and Krishna used to organise/ perform several Ashva Megha yajnas in presence of Rishis/Munis for the benefit of Nation /Public. Because they knew its beneficial results in providing them with timely and pure rain, increase in crop productivity, purify water/ air , killing pollution, generating huge/ vast jungles with several kinds of trees/ vegetable/ herbs providing food to animal /birds etc, thus further increasing more milk and other pure foods to human life and too promoting international brotherhood with other thousands of benefits to the human beings. This word Ashwa has also been mentioned in Tusli Das's Ramayana as "KOTI WAAJI MEDH PRABHU KINE". Here waaji means ashwa and ashwa means nation i.e Shri Rama did more than crore Ashwa Megh Yajna for public benefits. In these holy Yajna, the preach of yoga and other instigated deeds used to be spread by the then Rishis . Valmiki ji thus ,very nicely ,has stated that in those days every family member was seemed to be as learned as a Maharishi.


Now our country is lack of such kinds of Rishis like Vyas Muni, Shringi Rishi, Atri Rishi, Guru Vashishta, Yogi Patanjanli, Kapil Muni and Kings like Dashratha,Harish Chandra,Shri Rama,Shri Krishna etc., who knew full knowledge of Vedas and yoga philosophy .So it seems to be a difficult task to promote proper Yoga philosophy and other instigated deeds/duties for public benefits. Again in Athrava Vedas Mantra 9/4/4 Vrishbhah has been used clarifying that when a cow delivers a calf, it should be nursed carefully so that the calf will be cause of healthy generations from cows in future.In this way the cow will be providing us with pure milk/butter/ ghee to promote good health of the citizens. But it has been a misfortune of our country that ,likewise the meanings of thousands of divine words of the vedas including Yoga, have been narrated false and used totally in the bad sense since long resulting inability to understand the true Yoga education preached in Vedas and adopted by our forefathers . This has certainly happened too in absence of the traditonal preach of the learned Rishi/ Yogis who knew Vedas.In this connection Atharva Veda mantra 7/2/1 truly states that, only a Rishi /Yogi knowing Yoga Philosophy briefed in Vedas and has attained the stage of Samadhi (final liberation) due to the hard practice of Ashtang Yoga, is capable to dig out the factual meaning of the divine words like Yoga. The words i.e., Horse and Ox have been spread and made known unauthentically in the form of killing Horse and Ox using their meats while performing holy Yajna whereas in whole of the Vedas in the matter of worship /spiritualism there has been no space left for violence. And what to say, where in Vedas the "Nar-Megh Yajna" has been preached for cremation of the dead bodies to avoid spreading bacteria of diseases harmful to the humanity.

But it has also been misinterpreted like Ox and Horse that in the holy Yajna an alive man should be slaughtered. Due to these baseless and false statements Indian Vedic philosophy containing Yoga knowledge and other preach concerning the auspicious deeds for human beings was made ruined.That a nation only stands and progresses due to its culture only .. We remained slaves for thousands of years .. During this period the Vedic
culture has been disappeared.That is why ,now a days most of the Sadhus/saints have started telling that Yajna and Yoga Education are not required in married life and even not required at all.To some extent they have even started denying Yoga/Vedas without knowing the same,with the remarks that these educations are difficult.In this regard Guru Nanak Dev ji states that do not tell that Vedas are false ,he is liar who does not study and does not know Vedas.We must recollect that our forefathers,Rishis/Munis, even Lord Rama , Krishna including all the Public of the ancient time did Yoga and Yajna and adopted the same a Vedic culture as the best education in their life like:-

(a) To eat and live together with love as per Atherva Veda Mantra 3/30/6. This process is now also seen in the form of langer and distribution of meals
while sitting together after Yajna keeping aside the caste/poverty system and ravages of hatred. However ,we have forgotten doing Yoga practice and Yajna as per Vedic culture.

(b) To get progress in life together in form of a strong nation, to have equal good views of instigated deeds, to worship together, to utter mantras together, to do Yoga together without questioning caste or poverty, love each other in accordance with the preach vide RigVeda mantra 10/191/2.

(c) Serve to father, mother, and Spiritual master, help the poor and donate to the needy personnel in accordance with Yajur Veda mantra 1/1.

(d) Chalk out your duties for human beings, worship and serve the nation in each of your capacity like Minister, family, agriculture, students take care of animals, Jungles and so on as preached in four Vedas.

(e) To collect and attain all the good deeds from Vedas, other Holy Books. Concentrate mind and control all five organs, five senses and mind by doing Yoga practice. In this regard all four Vedas's preach on the matter of Yoga education is very widely and nicely described. Atharvaveda Kand 2, Sukt 16 preaches that overcome the death by Yoga educationand realize God too. Get long happy life duly free from all kinds of illness through the power of Yoga knowledge. Chapter Seven of YajurVeda preaches "Be a yogi and preach this education to others also". Saam Veda Mantra 1735 says that awake early in the morning and do Pranayanam(Yoga) and mantra1534 says that all the diseases will be removed by Yoga education. RigVeda Mantra 10/91/7 says that realize Almighty God by Yoga Philosophy. All Vedas authenticates that only a Yogi who controls his senses, organs and mind through the power of Yoga, realizes God. Saam Veda and Rig Veda say that God only appears in three places- 1st. While doing Yajna with Ved Mantras ,2nd in the heart of a Yogi Who did ashtang Yoga and attained Samadhi and
3rdly when a samadhi attained Yogi preaches Vedas.

So the Indian Vedic culture concludes that Yoga is only the best way to achieve the life target of realizing God and even to do auspicious deeds in family life to be a good citizen to establish a strong Nation. Now we come to the point to brief the Vedic Yoga philosophy.

To be continued

Yoga Philosphy and Meditation - Lecture 4


It is said in Ramayan by Tulsi Das vide Soratha 88-B, Verse-4 that without knowing one's greatness no faith generates, without faith no ever lasting love is developed and without the love a firm adoration cannot be installed. As you have already learnt a lot about the origin objects and greatness etc. of Yoga knowledge in the previous series. In fact Yoga description about its lordship is beyond imagination and calculation. So undoubtedly the Yoga knowledge required a firm faith, love and adoration for installation of the same in our heart.

Our ancient Rishis and Munis have blessed us with their experiences in the form of 6 Shastras amongst other holy books. Shastras are called Darshanas also. These shastras are famous to be known in the form of pairs like combination of Nayaya and Vaishaishik, Samkhaya and Yoga and 3rd pair of Mimansa and Vedanta. This combination is due to the fact that the philosophy of each pair is one and the same on most of the subject matters. Here we will study Patanjali Yoga Darshan mainly famous for its spiritual yoga preaching. It contains Samadhi Paad, Sadhana Paad, Vibhuti Paad and Kewalaya Paad. These 4 Paads contain a total no. of 195 Sutras wherein significance of Yoga with its paths, resources, spiritual prosperity from Yoga and final liberation are mainly described. It is written by Patanjali Muni and superb comments have been given on it by Vyas Muni. Both the Rishis were Yogi (i.e. had realized God). The knowledge of this Yoga Darshan is alone enough to attain the highest stage of final liberation with utmost merriment (Moksh) by virtue of practising its eight fold paths i.e. Yama, Niyama, Aasan, Paranayam, Pratayahar, Dharana, Dhayan (Meditation) and Samadhi (final liberation i.e., realization of God).


A deep knowledge of Monasticism is also very well preached therein, in absence of which, concentration of mind is not adhered to failing which no one is able to succeed in studying Yoga knowledge or practicing its eight fold paths to free a soul from the effect of three qualities of Nature (Prakriti)i.e., crime type sensuality, anger, greediness ,proud,untouchability , racial discrimination and other worldly sins. Three qualities of Prakriti are Raju, Tamo and Sato Gunas. We see ,from the ancient holy books like Mahabharta etc., that in the ancient time of Rishi,Munis,when whole Earth was controlled by single Emperor like Manu, Harishchandra,Dashratha, Rama, Yudishtra, then the said sins were, oftenly, not used to be done by the human-beings due to the effect of the Vedic Culture. Afterwards whenever the true saints took birth like Lord Christ, Hazrat Mohammad, Guru Nanak and Kabir etc., they always tried to follow the preach of uniting the public, promoting the brotherhood and killing ravages of hatred internationally. They always taught the Universe lesson that God is one and we all being His generation must love each other. And to live and let live others. By controlling all the Vritti of Chitta (which suppress the mankind to do sin) through the power of Yoga knowledge, soul remains in his own immortal, joyful and neat form ever separated from human body made of Prakriti. At this stage soul realizes God. Otherwise soul forgets his own joyful, neat and immortal form due to imprudence resulting in mixing with Prakriti as said in Kapil's Samkhaya Darshan Chapter 1 Sutra 19 and 20.

One point is also very clear that Yoga being voice of God in form of Vedas and God being our all's father, it is ever away from the influence of communalism, country, caste, color and religions etc., and therefore Yoga Philosophy preached in the Vedas is equally applicable for all human beings.
Now you may know that the accomplished knowledge of Yoga has come out from Almighty God in four Vedas. Almighty means that God has all powers complete in all respects within Him. Therefore, he needs no assistance for doing any thing in the Universe but on the other hand we (Jivatma) are dependent. For example we (soul) see through eyes and listen from ears and cannot do any deed without receiving help. That is why we are called souls (Jivatama). On the other hand God is Almighty. So he needs no media to see, listen, nurse, destroy or to create the world etc. Yajur Veda mantra 3 of Chapter 31 enlightens that mere His power is enough for doing such deeds and these great deeds like creation, destructions and nursing etc., are even not sufficient to describe or compare His greatness because He is above all. On such matter in Bhagwat Geeta, Lord Krishna also states in Shloka 41 of Chapter 10 that whatever creation is seen that is only from my one portion of power i.e., rest of the power is unlimited. So the knowledge of Vedas is generated and flowered in the heart of four ancient Rishis at the time of creation without any media like mouth, paper ink or pen etc. This fact is seen also in Tulsi Das Ramayana under couplet 117 verse 3 that without legs God walks, listens without ears, does deeds without hands, feels without skin and tastes without tongue and without mouth speaks unlimitedly, being Almighty/independent.

Keeping in view the word Almighty, Yoga knowledge is also an accomplished preach in Vedas and needs no addition and alteration due to the fact that the knowledge comes out direct from Almighty God in Vedas.
Yoga, in fact, is God's imparted knowledge in Vedas for the benefit of mankind. This precious diamond has gathered by heart and passed on from one generation to another as word of mouth by the ancient Rishis. Rishi Yagavalka says this truth in his smiriti (Yagvalka Smiriti) :
'Hiranye Garbho Yogasya Vakta.'
Meaning - Hiranye Garbho = God is Light, Yogasya = of Yoga Vakta - Spokesman (God does not speak by mouth. He is Almighty and thus generated the Vedas and Yoga knowledge in the heart of ancient Rishis through his unseen, unlimited power. Because this is very much clear to every body that God being Almighty is empowered to do the same without any assistance of mouth, pen, paper and ink etc. So here Vakta means Donor.) Therefore, Yagvalka Rishi says that God is the Donor of Yoga Knowledge by all means.

So the precious diamond gathered by heart by the Rishis was for the first time compiled by Vyas Muni in Book form on Bhoj Patra (a kind of leaf) during Duaper Period about 5500 years ago.
Again these Vedas were published during Press Time in 18th century. This has been the culture of all human beings right from the beginning of Earth.
The words of Yoga and Vedas are thus Super-natural. That is why all Veda mantras including Yoga's words mentioned there in are called Brahm words. Because like God, these words are not temporal, worldly or destructive. That is why Almighty God is called first Spiritual Master (Guru) of the ancient Rishis, of the time when first time Earth is created .Thereafter His Vedic/Yoga Philosophy is being spread by the then Rishis/Munis/saints and now by the present saints. So, the requirement of an alive spiritual master is a fundamental law to learn truth about materialistic/spiritual knowledge. But see that the words come out from the mind of human beings cannot be of such nature, mind being made of Prakriti, Prakriti being destructive, changeable and material one.

From the above statement we come to a conclusion that Vedas, Yoga and God are interlinked and cannot be separated from each other. Where there is practice of Yoga, undoubtedly God is realized there. As our eyes see every object through the media of sunlight, similarly after getting the knowledge or practicing the same, in result, we get supernatural eye by virtue of which Almighty God is realized. So Yoga is a Union with the Universal Soul (God). YajurVeda preaches about the practicing of Yoga and its spiritual result in Mantra 5 of Chapter 7 with the wording -
'Aapa Anter Yame Madayasava'
i.e., O! Aspirant, by virtue of practicing internal eight fold paths of Yoga (Yama, Niyama etc.) realize the utmost merriment and shower the same to others also. So the Aspirant who did Yoga and attained samadhi is also called Yogi who is at the highest stage amongst three categories 1st Ascetics (Tapasavi), secondly those who are having bookish knowledge only regarding holy books and thirdly at last those who do religious deeds with desires (These lines are taken from Bhagwat Geeta Chapter 6, Shaloka 46). So it is a special blessing of God to a person who draws attention and concentration of his mind to learn Yoga knowledge and practice thereof.
Our ancient Rishis learnt and practised Yoga traditionally from their spiritual master ( Guru) through Vedas and in the same manner Patanjali Rishi after attaining the last path of Yoga as Samadhi, preached the Yoga knowledge in his Yoga Darshan for beneficence of mankind. Actually it is an eternal truth that a Yogi can only teach Yoga well. The 'Sutra' is a Sanskrit language word. In English it is known as aphorism. We will use word Sutra here.
The Sutras mentioned in Patanjali Yoga Darshan have never been opposed in any other Darshan. Instead, it is seen that Yoga Darshna's Sutras impression have been seen in most of the Shastras, specially in Samkhaya Darshan, in the form of subjects like creation, nature (prakriti) etc. These are almost all same as described in 'Samkhaya Darshan' in principle.
First paad of Yoga Darshan is -
In this Paad the description of kind of Samadhi, Vritti, practice, monasticism, trust in God, knowledge of obstacles in Yoga and its removals are described in detail.

2nd Paad of Yoga Darshan is Sadhana Paad. In this Paad the ways to get Samadhi, shape of falsehood and true knowledge, five afflictions and way of its removal, theory of deeds, aim of universe, soul, eight fold path of Yoga, significance of paranayam etc.
3rd Padd is Vibhuti Paad - detailed description of meditation and Samadhi and its result viz. - internal and external of 8 fold path of Yoga, Chitta, Yoga property, final liberation stage etc.
4th Paad is Kevalya Paad - purified Chitta with final liberation and other ways of attainments (Sidhis). Deeds of Yogi and deeds of those who are not Yogi, eternal residual potencies (Vasna). The ways of Chitta's knowledge, soul and chitta are different, self realised person benefited for Samadhi, self realization / final liberation.

Most of the ideas of Samkhaya Darshan and Yoga Darshan are same, so both the Darshans are linked together. For example Samkhaya philosophy regarding cosmos is the same as that of Yoga philosophy.
Study of Patanjali Yoga Darshan gives knowledge to begin with Yoga practice in form of eight fold paths. Yoga Darshan begin with 1st Paad of Samadhi wherein Patanjali Rishi preaches his 1st Sutra (aphorism) as under :
'Atha Yoganushasanam' - Yoga Darshan Samadhi Paad Sutra 1.
Meaning - Atha - now start, Yoga - of Yoga Anushasanam - Preaching of Yoga knowledge.
There are 6 Shastras / Darshans out of which five Rishis have started Sutra from the word Atha as given below. At serial no. (f) below Mahabhashaya is also started by Panini Muni with the same word Atha as mentioned under :

  1. Atha Yoga Anushasanam (Yoga Darshan by Patanjali Muni, Samadhi Paad Sutra 1).

  2. 'Atha Trividhihi Dukhaha Atayanta Nivritihi Atayanta Purusharthaha' - (Kapil Muni's Samkhaya Darshan, Chapter 1 Sutra 1).

  3. Atha ataha Brahm Jigyasa. (Vedanta Darshan by Vyas Muni Chapter 1, Paad 1, Sutra 1).

  4. Atha ataha Dharam Jigyasa (Mimansa Darshan by Jamini Rishi Chapter 1, Paad 1, Sutra 1).

  5. Atha Atahe Darshan Vyakhyasyamaha (Vaisheshik Darshan by Kanad Rishi Chapter 1 Mahanikam sutra 1)

  6. Atha Shabda Anushasanam(Mahabhasya i.e.,Sanskrit grammer by Panini Muni,Chapter1,Sutra1)

From the above we see that most of the Rishis have used word Atha at the beginning of the Darshan. There are so many meanings of this word. But according to the above Sutra here the pronunciation of this word 'Atha' is considered blissful and prosperous. Thus its meaning is not considered blissful but only its pronunciation is considered blissful. Similarly in most of the religious sects the echo of conch (Shankha) in temple etc., is considered blissful.

Where 'Atha' word is an indication to begin the preach of Yoga philosophy in the Darshans, on the other hand it has also indicated full command on the Philosophy and this command runs from beginning right from the first Sutra till end of Yoga Darshan. So Patanjali Muni used this word giving indication of his full command of Yoga Philosophy, secondly beginning of preach in the Darshana and 3rdly the pronunciation of the word 'Atha' is accepted as blissful and prosperous.
A philosopher like Patanjali Muni is only capable to preach the unattainable, deep, greatest, adorable and eternal Yoga philosophy since the Muni had full command on it because of his supernatural knowledge through the power of Yoga. Our ancient Yogis were well versed with every knowledge right from blade of grass up to the Almighty God through Yoga Philosophy. That is why the words used by them in their Darshan are superb and related to super natural power. So is with the Yoga Darshan.

In view of the said facts, it is not easy to comment on Yoga Philosophy and that too exactly on the same line which the ancient Yogi realised in Samadhi. It requires the supernatural power. Aspirant also needs to have faith on Yoga Knowledge as well as on present Yogi to gain it.
We have studied the first superb word 'Atha' of the 1st Sutra. Now we come to the next word Yoga and Anushasanam. Actually in Sanskrit, there are some Dhatus by which words are generated. For example see Sanskrit word Vishnu. The dhatu used in it is called Vishliri dhatu the meaning of which is Omnipresent who is only Almighty God. So the meaning of word Vishnu is Almighty God who is one and is father of all of us. See second example of Sanskrit word Veda. Vid dhatu produces the word Veda the meaning of word Veda comes from Vid dhatu means knowledge. So the meaning of word Veda is knowledge. So Vedas are not books. Vedas are knowledge which comes out from God and is generated in the heart of ancient Rishis.
Word Yoga is also made from Yuj dhatu which means Samadhi. So the meaning of word Yoga is Samadhi that is the stage of a Yogi in continuous meditation where his soul sees God (ie., realization). Thus the Yogi realises God and attains the final Liberation stage (Moksh). So Yoga is Samadhi. Now we study the word Anushasanam. There are two words in Anushasanam. Ist Anu and second is Shasanam. The meaning of word Anu is 'AFTER'. And the meaning of word Shasanam is 'TO PREACH'. So the meaning of word Anushasanam is 'To preach After'. This word Anu throws light that after study of vedas, adopting religious path and after doing long practice of Yoga traditionally from Guru, a Yogi becomes able to attain the stage of Samadhi. So this is the secrecy of word 'Anu'. See the effect of word Anu in Yajur Veda Mantra 6 and 7 Chapter 40 :-

Mantra 6 -

'Yastu Sarvani Bhutani Atman Eva Anu pashayati'
Meaning - Anu means after. So the meaning of above mantra will be - The Yogi who sees (realises) all souls and senseless material of the Universe in God After studying vedas, adopting religious path and after doing Yoga practice, then only he never feels misunderstanding and gets final liberation.

Mantra 7 -

  • 'Yasmin Sarvani Bhutani Atm Eva Abhuta Vijanatah
    Tatra ko Mohaha kaha Sokaha Akatavam Anu Pashyataha.'
    Meaning of word ANU is After. So the meaning of the Mantra is: After doing Yoga practice when a Yogi sees (realises) all souls equivalent to his soul then he never falls in attachment and sorrows. So this is the meaning of word 'ANU'.
    The meaning of word Shasanam being 'To preach', the whole wording - 'YOGA ANUSHASANAM' has superb meaning -
    To preach Yoga after studying Vedas, adopting religious path and doing Yoga practice'
    And these qualities are very well seen in ancient Rishis as well as in Patanjali Muni who preached Yoga knowledge in his Yoga Darshana.

    Now by prefixing the word 'Atha' in the above wording, the meaning of word Atha are blissful, prosperous, indication to begin the preach of Yoga Philosophy.So the Sutra Atha anushasanam will be as under -

    • Simple wording meaning -
      Now preach on Yoga Philosophy begins.

    • Deep meaning - for the bliss of aspirants, the traditional philosophy of Yoga based on Vedas and realised by the Rishis/Munis is begun to preach in commanding position.

    In view of the meaning of each word of the sutra explained above it is concluded that Patanjali Muni too adopted the religious path with the result of studying Vedas and AFTER practising philosophy of Yoga in the form of Asthang Yoga Viz. Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayam, Pratyahaar, Dharna, Dhyan (Meditation) and Samadhi, he attained command over Yoga philosophy and AFTER that he started preaching of the same for the bliss for aspirants in his Yoga Darshan Holy Book.

    You see that Patanjali Muni did not use the word only 'Shasanam' in his Sutra i.e. mere study and not practising Yoga but he used the word Anushasanam where the word 'Anu' enlightens that 'AFTER' studing Vedas, accordingly adopting religious path and thus doing hard practice of Ashtang Yoga, he first attained Samadhi stage and took command on Yoga philosophy, thereafter only, he preached the same in Yoga Darshan Holy Book. As referred in previous series, wherein at one place Kapil Muni says if the Yoga philosophy is not adopted in practical form, only a blind faith in generation will grow up and the truth will never be realized. However it is seen that to carry on with the Yoga philosophy deep study of Vedas is not required essentially by an Aspirant but his spiritual master like ancient Rishi must have been a philosopher of Vedas as well as of Yoga.

    You may be surprised to learn the meaning of the Vedic words 'Anu' etc., and the secret thereof. But if you will watch the vedic Philosophy and of Ancient Rishis thereon, it will be seen that these Vedic words are called 'Brahm words'. (in Hindi and in Sanskrit - Shabd brahm) generated by God in the heart of Ancient first four Rishis. Therefore being divine words, the same have divine and secret meanings. These meanings are open in a Yogi's heart only.

    Saam Veda (saamavaod) Mantra 7 has already thrown Light about two main types of Languages :
    First is God's voice generated in the heart of ancient four Rishis in the form of four Vedas which is called Giraha language.

    Second is general language used by human beings which is called Ithaha language.

    Please see an extract of Divine wording of Yajur veda mantra 1, chapter 1 to gain knowledge of its secrecy as under :
    'Devaha Vayavaha Stha Vaha Shreshthatamaya karmane Prarpayatu'
    In the above mantra the word -
    'Shreshthatamaya karmane' - has been used for doing auspicious deeds. But the clear cut meaning of the same is kept secret. To know the divine meaning of the same an ancient Muni was asked to explain. He was a Yogi,named Muni Yaska who wrote Shathpath Brahman Holy Book. He went into Samadhi through the power of Yoga knowledge and got the real meaning as under:-
    'Yajjo Vai Shrastamam karmaha'
    i.e., Yajna is the best auspicious deed amongst all. So is with the word 'Ashwaha' in Vedas as well as in Shastras.

    Yoga Philosphy and Meditation - Lecture 3

    Description of Yoga in Holy Books :
    In next Shaloka no. 13 and 14 of Ramayana - Shri Ram used to protect, nurse the public and ruin the enemies like Almighty God judiciously. He was saviour of self and other's religions. He did deep study of four Vedas and was well experienced thereof.

    Now a days the above qualities are not coming up due to the influence of arrogance and false knowledge. Our world level culture viz. four Vedas states that the above cited qualities should be achieved at early age by king as well as by public. But the picture of present time described as under in Ramayana by Saint Tulsi Das in Utrakand couplet no. 97 and 2 verses is worse and totally against the culture.
    "Sins of human beings have grassed all true religions. True Holy Books like four Vedas etc. have vanished away. Arrogant and selfish persons have made their own unauthentic ways of worship at their own accord being not mentioned in Vedas/Shastras/holy true religious books of ancient time. Now due to lack of knowledge of Vedas, every man and woman does his/her respective deeds totally against the Vedic culture. So-called saints have thus sold the Vedic culture i.e. they never study the Vedas and therefore know nothing about its culture with regards to the worship,instigated deeds,nationality and politics etc. They do not follow the holy preach of the Vedas. Tulsi further adds: -
    "In the present time, keeping aside the truth, everybody is only after the way of worship suitable to him. Right authentic holy path and truth has been denied. Those who are boastful and talk baselessly are praised as if they are wiser/great holy saints. The most famous and wiser saint is defined who is the best arrogant and has generated his own path, based on false knowledge, suitable to him." (Tulsi Ramayana).
    Likewise Tulsidas, in several verses, has stated the condition of the kalyug that people will not care about their food, clothing and conduct,whether it is right or wrong, with regards to the Vedic culture . And these type of liarmen will be worshipped like a Yogi. The men shall remain usually attached to greed and sensuality with the result that they will dance on the women's tune like a monkey on juggler.Everybody will be hostile to Vedas, Rishis,Yogis and Saints etc-etc.'

    It concludes that Yoga gives us spiritual eyes to realise the truth whereas mere studying and preaching does not help in it. Tulsi Das's Ramayana states a lot about Vedas and Yoga but I give a small description here-
    Once Rishi Narada came to the palace of king Himachala (India). After well worshiping the Narada, King and Queen requested him to tell about the future of their daughter Uma. Brahmrishi Narada told them that daughter Uma is treasure house of good qualities but there is only one draw back that she will be married with an ascetic with inelegant appearance etc. When the king and queen came to know about this misfortune, they both were shocked, on the contrary Uma was pleased as Uma knew the truth. However Brahmrishi Narada advised a remedy and told that if their daughter Uma does Tapasaya i.e.,does Ashtang Yoga then the mis-happening and the bad shadow of the deeds will be reduced to ashes by the blessing of Lord Shiva. Then she will be married to Lord Shiva who is having the same quality and appearance, but rules all over the Universe. Everybody knows that Uma did hard Tapasaya and got married to Lord Shiva. Uma also added and told her mother that Yoga destroys all the sufferings and gives merriment. Secondly Uma briefed that by virtue of Tapasaya(right word from the Vedas is IKSHAN) Brahm creates the world. (This religious discourse taken from Bal Kanda Verse 3 under couplet 69 and verses 1 and 2 under couplet 72 of Tulsi Ramayana).
    The above religious discourse inspires us to adopt the path of Yoga which destroys all evil, ills and sufferings etc. with mark of destiny same as in case of Uma. Had Uma not done YOGA with the blessings of her Guru(Rishi) Narada, she would have been married to an ordinary ascetic with inelegant appearance with the result she could be known by nobody on this Earth, as is known now by the power of Yoga.

    This holy scripture was written by Bhagwan Ved Vyas about five thousand and five hundred years ago. In this scripture Vyas Muni has described all about religious ceremonies, knowledge, worship and Yoga philosophy etc., along with the history of several religious kings like ManuBhagwan, Yayati, Ashtak, Dashratha, Harishchander and several Rishis and Yogis like Atri, Agastha, Vishwamitra ,etc., describing that kings and Rishis both adored/worshipped the Vedas and adopted its knowledge in the each step of their lives, which tradition has now been ignored.Vyas Muni himself has been a renouned Rishi/Yogi and whatever he has described in the Mahabharta is a knowledge totally based on four Vedas.Even very few know that Holy Bhagwat Gita is an extract from Bhishma Parva,as no other holy book except Valmiki Ramayana was written during that period. So no other holy book was taken into consideration except Valmiki Ramayana while writing Mahabharata. It shows the period right from creation upto Mahabharata period. A shortest and the superb description stated by Vyas Muni mentioned below about the religion is very much heart feeling and beneficial to humanity if it is taken into account in daily life's routine: -

    In this connection too, Vyas Muni says while beginning of the first chapter of Mahabharta that he is stressing with both hands raising towards sky but nobody is paying attention that,it is only religion which saves the human being. And on the matter of religion Vedas as well as every ancient Rishi says that to discharge the duties satisfactorily by human being in accordance with the holy Vedic culture is called RELIGION. Lord Manu says "Vedaha akhilha dharmam mulam (Manu Samriti2/6) i.e., the root of all the religions are the four Vedas.Here the religion means DUTIES/AUSPICIOUS DEEDS TO BE DISCHARGED AT LEVEL BEST. The intension of Lord Manu is,therefore, very much clear that the duties entrusted to the human beings right from the birth till death have been nicely preached in the four Vedas. A huge description and superb praise is available about the best and ancient education of Yoga in Mahabharat. But due to lack of time only one description is given below -
    " Sangam Rishi tells Rishi Narada, 'whose Chitta is not united with Yoga Education, he does not get similarity in Intellect i.e., the similarity in mind in dealing with human beings,with the result that he cannot be an impartial person.'Whereas in the absence of Yoga, Sangam Rishi added, No body can achieve merriment or final liberation's joy."(Shanti Parva, Chapter 57 Shaloka 8)

    'The Vedas are originated by GOD' (Guru Granth Sahib Mohalla 1 Onkar Shabada). 'Four Vedas are originated by God. No body is capable to evaluate their importance. Vedas are inestimable and eternal.' (Mohalla 5 Shabad 17).
    -- 'Do not say that the Vedas are false. Liars are those who do not try to understand the Vedas.'
    (Guru Granth Sahib Raag Prabhati Kabir Ji Shabad 3).
    -- 'Vidya (knowledge), Tapasya, Yoga and Meditation are the way of worship.' (Sukhamani Sahib Ashatapadi 24) Inspite of the above holy books, several saints like Kabir, Mira, Dadu, Charan Das, Sahjo Bai, Paltu Sahib etc. have quoted Yoga knowledge in their scriptures. In the ancient time i.e.,with effect from the creation, this Yoga Science originated by God in four Vedas, and had been spread through out the world. But for the last about five thousand years it has got its own down fall due to one or the other reasons. But now it is a matter of happiness that it has been learning and even understanding internationally .
    Yoga is originated in Vedas by God and as God is father of the Universe so Yoga is for the benefit of all human beings. God has given us five organs of perception, five organs of action and eleventh is Mana (mind).It is human body wherein these organs function. When we arise a question, "What for human body is blessed by God? Then very few know its answer. Because this answer will only be obtained if we are inspired with religious knowledge from an experienced spiritual master or by studying holy books under his guidance.
    You may be knowing the answer from the previous lectures that the human body is only meant for doing auspicious deeds after learning traditional knowledge. And while doing so, one should attain a final liberation stage (MOKSH).This is the main motto of human life. You can therefore, answer the above question in this way that human body is blessed by God to learn traditional knowledge, to do auspicious deeds and by virtue of worship we must achieve final liberation. Now think that until and unless our body is maintained free from ills, sufferings, tensions and false knowledge etc. no auspicious deeds can be done and no way we will find for achieving the motto of final liberation.

    So, with the gift of golden human body, God has also gifted us the way by which it is well maintained and got free from all ills and sufferings etc. This way is called Yoga philosophy preached in traditional knowledge of Vedas and which one is a motto of this God gifted golden human life.
    Yoga education keeps us away from all sufferings, tensions, evils and sorrows etc. For example, we construct a house and then protect it from damage and therefore maintain it properly. Then only the house gives us a good result of happy living. So is with the human body and Yoga Education. Consider body a house which requires well maintenance. It is well known fact that the Yoga maintains the body well and keeps it free from tensions, sorrows, ills etc. That is why Yoga Education somewhere is also called Natural pathy also for the benefit of human body. Lord Krishna very authentically says in GEETA(6/17) holy book that by means of Yoga one can kill all the sorrows etc.For example its third fold path is 'ASANA.' So where the education of Asana destroy mainly ills of the body (muscles, bones, joint pain, constipation etc.) its fourth fold path- 'PARANAYAMA' deals with the nervous system to purify and settle veins and mental disturbances etc. It will be taught briefly in following respective lessons.

    However, the main motto of Yoga Philosophy is to worship GOD and to get final liberation as its result. In this connection you have studied a lot. Main requirement of Yoga education on the matter of spiritualism is truly, heartly and faithfully accepted by all concerned is that, whatever we learn by listening or studying religious books etc., on the matter of worship or peace or realization of GOD , we only become able to realise the same when we practice Ashtang Yoga. That is why Lord Krishna says in Bhagwat Geeta(11/8) that O! Arjuna you are not able to see me without Divine eyes, which are obtained always through the power of Yoga only. Further, too, it is added in Geeta(7/19) that the devotee who has been meditating (Yoga) for the last so many births, hardly he realizes me in his succeeding births. In Tulsi Das Ramayana it is mentioned that once Lakshmana asked Shri Rama - 'What is illusion?' Shri Rama replied that whatever you see from your eyes up to far away distance, it is all illusion and God is not a subject to realize from organs. Further in couplet 117(a) of Tulsi's Ramayana it is mentioned that when a spiritual fire is generated within the body by the power of Yoga, all types of deeds reduce into ashes and the devotee attains final liberation stage. As mentioned in 7th Chapter of Yajur Veda Mantra 4 that the merriment of experiencing final liberation is achieved during present life through the power of Yoga which is called the stage of drinking SOMA in the Vedas. It is also stressed in the same Mantra of Yajur Veda that the stage of drinking SOMA (which is SAMADHI) is to be kept alive and protected through the power of Yoga during the present life as it is never achieved after death. Similarly Kapil Muni's Samkhya Darshan says :-
    Na Sravana Matrat tata Siddhihi (Chapter 2, sutra 3)
    Meaning - That by mere listening, the stage of final liberation is never achieved. (Such kind of several fundamental laws have been interpreted duly taken from the Vedas by the ancient Rishis which requires obeyance faithfully and should not be changed being traditional/authentic.)
    However, to listen the preach by a learned saint is a basic requirement mentioned in the Vedic culture but only listening will not serve the purpose of attaining final liberation (MOKSH). In addition to listening, discussion, demonstration and practice of Yoga Education under the supervision of an experienced YOGI has been stressed essential in the Vedic culture. (See that the knowledge is only taken when it is given by somebody and that is why the requirement of a Yogi (Guru) is naturally essential) In this regard a charming story comes out from holy epic of Mahabharta written by Maharishi Vyas that once an aspirant was doing Tapsaya in a jungle without taking or listening knowledge from Yogi(Guru) Rishi Narada decided to guide him. He(Narada) went to the place where the aspirant used to take bath on the bank of a river. Narada started throwing dust in the deadly flowing water of the river continuously, seeing the aspirant coming.When the aspirant reached the spot and saw the thing going on, he questioned Rishi Narada as to what he was doing? Narada replied that he is trying to stop the water by the way of throwing dust, for watering the plants in the field. The aspirant laughed and told O Narada your dust is actually going in vain in the water flowing forcefully and you will never be succeeded to get your target. Narada while throwing the dust continuously replied to the aspirant in taunting way that O aspirant go ahead I damn care if my dust is going in vain because this is a mere dust. But think yourself that you have been continuously doing Tapasaya for so many years without guidance of a Yogi(Guru)and totally your Tapasaya has gone in vain.The aspirant listening the word immediately awoke and the same very moment he started searching a Yogi for learning worship by means of Yoga Education /listening the preach in accordance with Vedic culture.Later on he became a great Yogi by the blessings of his Guru.

    Kapil Muni further says :
    'JEEVAN MUKTAHA CHA' (Chapter 3 sutra 78)
    Meaning - The final liberation stage is only attained by an alive Yogi.He is alive because his soul is having body but in his body, he is a Yogi having final liberation stage (Moksh).
    Final liberation stage is always attained during the present life by a devotee and not after death. Because he has attained it during life that is why he is called living Rishi/Yogi. Secondly he has realised God, that is why his stage is final liberation stage. Kapil Muni further says :-
    'Shrutihi Cha' ( Chapter3 Sutra 80)
    Meaning - Shruti means Vedas. That is to say that Vedas also authenticate the final liberation stage (Moksh), during life only and not after death. Kapil Muni further says :-
    Updeshyopadeshatavata tata siddhihi (Chapter 3 sutra 79)
    Meaning - Because whatever we learn through the preach of Vedas and Holy Books if we have realized all that through practicing Yoga etc., and have got final liberation during life then only it is accepted by Vedas or Shastras or Rishis authentically. And it is then said that a Rishi who has got final liberation stage is alive. That is to say that this stage is never achieved after death. If it is not attained during life then Kapil Muni says :-
    Itaratha Andhaparampara (Chapter 3 sutra 81)
    Meaning - In the absence of alive final liberation stage the human beings will be attached with blind community. And this blind community will be a tradition afterwards which one is a danger to humanity. Because only an alive Yogi can preach properly to the public.

    That is to say that every body will listen Vedas and other holy books and the long-long preaches from saints etc. or will go through the Yoga bookish knowledge only but no body will do Yoga in action and will not get final liberation stage. And therefore, after long coming time every body will start saying that mere listening the preach of saints, singing spiritual songs, studying spiritual books, is a final liberation. According to Kapil Munis view it will be a blind faith and will thus originate a blind tradition. These truthful words have also been mentioned in Keno Upanishada - Tasyaye Tapsha Damaha Karama itee pratisthaha Vedas Saravangani Satayam Ayetanam
    ( Keno Upnishad Khanda 4 Shaloka 8)
    The basic principle to realize the God is to do Tapasya (Yoga), Damaha - control on all organs, to do yajna, auspicious deeds and study of four Vedas.
    So in the absence of doing Yoga, Final liberation is not possible .
    From the above it is concluded that for a peaceful ill free long happy life and to achieve the main motto of final liberation stage, Yoga education is required by all concerned. We see Mantra 67th of Yajur Veda Chapter 12th wherein it is stated that a Yoga devotee properly meditate by virtue of Yoga power to realize Almighty God.
    So after getting human life, every body wants to get pleasant tense free life. But out of several very few invent the way by which it is attained. And a result of studying Vedas and all other holy books it is concluded that Yoga Education is required to achieve the target.
    Yajur Veda 35th Chapter and Mantra 10 states that this world is like a river full of stones. So we are like a stone in this river pertaining to world. We are wandering here and there baselessly under the impression of waves of previous births/deeds. These waves give us sorrows/tensions/sufferings etc., due to lack of knowledge. In Yajur veda Chapter 40th mantra 15 it is warned that at the end we will have to go to final resting place for cremation and our body will be reduced to ashes. That is why Keno Upnishad says -
    'If we realise God in this birth then it is good otherwise there will be a great ruin' (Khand 2, Shaloka 5).
    Patanjali Yoga Darshan also describes three types of sorrows. 1 Parinam Sorrow 2nd Tapa Sorrow and 3rd Sanskar Sorrow

    1. Parinam Sorrow : It is the sorrow when our all organs are enjoying while doing deeds but after its finishing we repent .

    2. Tapa Sorrow : The stage when we do jealousy with the others watching their progressive life and pleasures.

    3. Sanskar Sorrow : When we are separated from worldly enjoyment etc., and this kind of separation gives us pain so this is called Sanskar Sorrow.

    Yoga objectives - 1

    Before we enter to study the Yoga Education, we faithfully, pray and remember Almighty, Omnipresent, Adorable and supreme commander of the universe? Almighty God to shower his blessings on all of us to enable us to achieve the highest stage of Yoga Education to realize him.

    Aim of human life

    Aim of human life or to say use of the human life or to say use of human body is one and the same. When every organ of the body does auspicious deeds as mentioned above the golden result to destroy sins and to kill all the result of the deeds (karamas) to be born by the soul is achieved which is called SAMADHI (realization of God). Because Yoga is also learn or done by use of human body with its every organ but the result of samadhi is awarded to soul. Same as an Army is fought for nation but the result of victory or defeat is awarded to king. Here also try to understand that the soul is having sign of life and therefore soul is conscious and on the other hand body made of five matter is senseless and is just as a material. To understand this theory of soul and body kathopnishada in third balli says:

    "Know soul as master of chariot, where body of human is a chariot, the mind is a bridle, five organs of perception and five organs of action are horses. Beauty /image, taste ,smell touch and words, these five places are meant for the horses to graze".

    The soul in this process is one who bears the consequences. The Rishis/Munis says like this. Therefore the soul is separated and body is separate by all means. And we are soul and not body. To realize this fact the Yoga Education is required. This realization is achieved in samadhi by the power of Yoga. And to achieve the same we must work hard to study the right process where in we become able to get true knowledge to do auspicious deeds (Karamas) Secondly we must know the factual picture of such auspicious authentic deeds and thirdly the worship God in right way learning Yoga Education.

    If this Vedic theory as quoted above, is faithfully adopted by main kind then we achieve the aim of life as under :-

    a. By knowing about all the matter, technology, advanced science, proper use of matters etc. This also includes moral education, good conduct, high thinking and simple living including other several good qualities.

    b. Worshipful life in Yoga Education to realize Almighty God.

    The above has been the aim of human life. So we must work hard in this matter. As a matter of fact too Yajur veda mantra 48 chapter seven says:

    "No body on earth can sit idle without doing deed or without having any desire."

    That is why the human being does the deeds and the result is awarded by God. So we must discharge our duties well, should do auspicious deeds for charity and learn Yoga Education to worship and realize God. This is the best use of human body and aim of human life.

    Let us go ahead for Yoga Education, the best way of worship of Almighty God.

    Use of human body and deeds

    The human body is a medium for discharging the duties and doing the auspicious deeds according to the way advised in the holy books. For example Mantra 2nd of Chapter forty of Yajur Veda recites that while discharging the duties and doing the auspicious deed like Yoga/Yajna, family duties etc. you will find the stage where no result of any deed done by you will have to be beared by you. and in the absence of doing the auspicious deeds, there is no any other way to escape you from bearing the result of the deeds.

    In view of the above, we see that the theory of deeds is typical, deep and vast to understand. Because when we are advanced in one way, suppose in matterlism (worldly affairs) like progress in Science, High education getting degrees etc.. maintain our living standard, go ahead in Agriculture and only try to gather articles/money to make use in our daily routine one sided, on the other side we do not find its good result to obtain any peace, righteous way to worship, increasing international brotherhood, respect of humanity and to here religious qualities.

    This is one-sided progress in matterlism only. Again with regards to spiritualism so many saints are trying to produce themselves superior by saying that the family, science, agriculture, money matter and world etc all is destructive and they mostly preach to leave the world for doing worship. This is the second side in comparison of above one side. This one sided worship is also seen with lack of the above quoted good qualities like peace and international brotherhood etc. we see that both the above one side progress is mostly against the holy books specially against the theory of Vedas.

    Because in the above quoted Mantra No 2 of Chapter forty, in fact, it is preached that O Aspirant, do progress in both the sides together. And we see Lord KRISHNA, Shri RAMA, SITA, King DASHRATA, JANAKA and other several others who adopted the both sides. So the theory of deeds (Karma's) is deep. It will also be briefed later on because some sutras of Yoga Darshana also throw the light on the deeds and therefore brief description will be done there. Here however, try to understand two main type of deeds (Karmas) to come on Yoga theory. These two deeds are as follows :-

    (a) Natural deeds- To eat, sleep smile laugh, to weep, to pass the urine and stool etc.

    Note: For these type of deeds neither a teacher is employed nor an institution is required to understand or do the same. These are equally to do by human being and animal/birds also.

    (b) Instigated Deeds: - To study, progress in Science, Technology, Trust in God, Auspicious deeds, Yajna, Worship, Yoga Education including meditation etc.

    Note: These auspicious type of deeds cannot be done by animals/birds etc. These are only meant for human beings.

    So we are separated from the categories of animal/birds etc, when we are faithful to do auspicious type of deeds mentioned at [b] above. In whole of the holy books in the world, we learn to pray or worship God to bless us to teach only instigated deed. For example see Sama Veda Mantra No 259 :

    "O lord give us the knowledge to enable us to understand the instigated and auspicious deeds. O worshipful God, guide us to the righteousness or teach us the yoga so that we may be able in our present life to attain Divine light".

    To guide such inspiring deeds, a perfect spiritual master who has the experienced knowledge through the power of yoga Tapasya/study etc. is required. Here it will be not out of mention that this knowledge should start right from the beginning of the earth. From the above it is concluded that when the question of instigated or inspiring deed arises, we see that several different types of instigated deeds concerning the auspicious deeds and worship are mentioned in four Vedas and in other several holy books but our ancient rishis and the wisers of present time declared the Yoga property as one of the best amongst them, to realize the Almighty God and to overcome the sorrow /tension/sufferings/ills/evils/death.

    They declared that the Yoga power enable man-kinds to get long happy life. Here it is also authentically stressed that Yoga Education is meant for everybody. Because everybody wants a happy long life and it is a mentality of mankind not to ask for sorrows, pain etc. So to say that the Yoga is difficult and it is not meant for married personnel is against the Vedas and totally against the path of Lord Krishna, Shri Rama, King Dasharath, Janka, Sita, Madalsa and several ancient Rishis, Munis and public who remained in family married life and adopted Yoga Education/study of Vedas and attained the final liberation stage, the motto of human beings.

    So now a days it is against the holy books and preach to escape from auspicious deeds/duties misleading ourselves by merely saying that we are doing worship only and no duty is entrusted to us. In this connection, on the theory of deeds(Karamas). I would like to narrate an interesting story for your consideration.

    Once a King was wandering in jungle in search of hunting. Suddenly he saw a fox playing cheerfully with her children in a deep pit. The King thought himself that it is difficult to come out of the pit. Therefore, the fox could have fell in the pit when she was a pregnant. Otherwise, from where her children came in the pit. He (King) also thought, "By which source the food has been providing therein"?

    Because her children were seemed to be with her for along time, as if she would have fallen recently the children would have wounded. If they were for the last so many days then she could not seemed in a fresh and cheerful stage. Now he questioned to himself, "from where the food arrange for them"?

    When the king was busy in his problem suddenly he heard a roar of lion, the king of jungle. He (king) saws that the lion playing and throwing up a dead body of a deer when coming towards the pit. To see the scene continuously, he hided himself with his horse behind a large tree. He saw that when the lion in a joy full mood threw the dead body of deer towards the sky, it suddenly fell into the pit. Again he saw that the fox is taking her meal happily and she too was satisfied to have the meal sufficient for the coming days. A thought generated in the mind of the king that what God's amusement?

    The God is great. He provides food etc. To the helpless, sick and handicape and everybody without doing job. So, why he is worried for the un-necessary load of kingdom and why he wastes the time to discharge the duties for the family/public. When god provides meal etc . without doing any job so I should also sit here idle and do worship only. The power who is looking after the family of fox, certainly will also look after me, and will also provide everything here in the jungle without doing job.

    So he made up his mind for the sitting idle and remembering the name of God. But see, that a hungry man is not able to continue his workship for a long time. Therefore, the hungry king started looking here and there if the arrangement of his food has been arranged by God and if somebody is coming with several type of finest food in golden pot. But all in vain. Nobody came there with the food and became night.

    The king becoming hopeless and fell on the ground. He awaked in the next morning when he sew the rays of light coming towards the earth from the sun. The king got bath and again sat on a place (asan) and started remembering the name of God with the intention that he will send the food for him now. The time was labouring on and it is now evening. Now with the trouble of hunger, he could not remain stable. He then started taunting God by saying, "O God am I so inferior to fox that you have not taken care of me ?" see, that I left my kingdom and every thing but you have not even provided me with a food.

    Meanwhile a saint came before him and told the king that the God has sent a message for you as under: "O mad king what type of false Yoga you adopt. You are able to be a lion then why try to be a fox".

    The words uttered by the saint, opened the eyes of the king and the false knowledge of not doing hard work /auspicious deeds immediately vanished always from his heart. He soon started walking towards his kingdom for discharging his almost duties.

    A result of Vedas and several holy books concludes that the blessed body of mankind is meant for doing auspicious deeds at his level best. Keeping aside the duties one should never act to be merely a holy man. God does not appreciates if we shoulders our duties and livelihood towards others and sit idle by baseless thinking for showing ourselves holy men.

    It is said that God does not appreciates a boastful person and therefore one should give up the act of giving self airs. So is the Yoga education. If we listen a study properly, contain it in our mind faithfully and do action accordingly, then only we can achieve our motto while doing our duties with family and nation.

    First Yoga Guru in all aspects

    The fundamental to gain the knowledge is that until and unless it is not given by anybody else, it cannot be listened and cannot, therefore, be contained in mind failing which it cannot be used in action. This is why someone is badly needed to preach. For example, let a newly born baby be earmarked to live in a lonely cave in a dense jungle.

    If we take care of him by all means but do not make any verbal contact for his any type of education, thus we will find that when he will even attain age of twenty five years ,he will remain ignorant, foolish. When we will keep him out of cave in the open air, he will not know even any languages or worldly knowledge either spiritual or materialistic.

    Question arises, "Why he remained ignorant or foolish or illiterate?" The answer is very clear that he was not provided with his mother, the first teacher and he was not provided with any Rishi or Guru for spiritual/materialistic education etc. Now a days too, the races are still living in the dense jungles separated from the modern world's civilization, are still illiterate and they even do not wear the clothes. In this connection again another question arises, "Why the seven days of week, twelve months in a year the names of cow, horses, trees etc are the same at every part of the world."

    Keeping aside the languages if we think unprejudiced then we will come to the conclusion that somebody has taught us to pronounce mother as mother, father as father ,brother as brother ,tree as tree ,water as water, blood as blood, man as man, woman as woman at every part of the world and somebody has definitely taught us the science and deep knowledge of Yoga, Karmas, worship etc.

    The oldest several holy books and the Rishis have already invented the answer thereof. In this connection Patanjali Rishi his Yoga Darshan has also cheerfully recited his experiences towards the facts after study of Vedas,Topasya, trust in God ,hard Yoga practice and when he achieved the last and final motto of human life is SAMADHI i.e. realization of God.

    His superb words of realisation are quoted in Yoga Darshan as under:

    "Sah Eshah purvesham api Guruhu kalena anavachhedat".

    Meaning: -The God is the Guru of the ancient Rishis also, being beyond the limitation and calculation of time.

    Comments: - God is immortal. He was before the creation. He is present from the time of creation and will remain when the time will come of destruction. He will remain after the destruction too. That is why he will continue the creation as usual, and will remain again Guru of the new creation. But open the other hand human being will not remain alive for ever, and traditional Guru knowledge will be finished in human life At the time of total destruction of the world.

    Vedas are originated by God and Yoga knowledge has been preached in Vedas. See Rishi Yagvalk Smiriti`s Shaloka. "Hiranya Garbha Yogasya Vakta". Hiranya Garbh mean- God,Yogasya =of Yoga,Vakta=Teacher. So God is teacher of Yoga knowledge.

    So the result of deep study of vedas, Shastras, Bhagwat Geeta, Ramayana and other holy books concludes that the first Guru of our ancient Rishis is almighty God. Thereafter, the Rishis/Munis/Acharyas/Gurus have been teaching us the spiritualism/materialistic knowledge up till now.

    Objective of Yoga

    The aim of yoga is to free the soul from the effect of three qualities of prakriti (Material cause of the Universe including our bodies) and by doing so it enables a man to achieve final liberation i.e., realization of Almighty God.


    " The devotee who has purified himself by destroying the dirt of false knowledge and sins by the power of Yoga, he only does feel the merriment / ,pleasure of realization God. This utmost realization merriment and realization is not a subject of speaking because it is an intuition."


    "Tada Darashtuhu Swarupa Avasthanam "

    Meaning: With the power of Yoga there becomes an end of all dead evils and false knowledge, then the soul ( sear) realises himself. Here the soul remains in his own nature. We can say Yoga is a Union of Soul and God.

    It is not out of mention to see that in the absence of Yoga Education, a life becomes full of sorrows ills, problems and tense etc. In reality in the absence of Yoga knowledge no one can achieve good health, long life and good prospects. Similarly Lord Krishna in chapter -6 Sloka 17 of Bhagwat Gita Says:

    "Yogo Bhavati Dukhaha."

    Meaning: Yoga is a destroyer of all kinds of sufferings.

    Please see the condition full of joy of a devotee who attains the stage of Samadhi through the power of Yoga and thus he drinks ' SOMA' .What type of super natural words he uses in his spiritual intoxicated condition due to the effect of 'SOMA'

    A. For me the earth and sun both are not even equivalent to my one arm, because I have drunk 'SOMA'

    Note:- This is a joyful condition of a devotee who has attained Samadhi.

    B: Oh, I am so happy that why not I must place this earth from one place to another, because I have drunk 'SOMA'

    C. My five senses neither affects me nor can make me greedy because I have drunk 'SOMA' ( Rig. Veda 10/119/6,7,and 9 )

    After attaining the stage of samadhi the yogi enjoys within himself. He then becomes emotional and his emotions attains the highest stage of spiritual intoxication due to the effect of 'SOMA'.

    However the actual meaning of word, 'SOMA' needs clarification as in todays world it is totally misconceived. The ignorant people understand 'SOMA' as wine and call it an intoxicant for the Rishis and Munis. This is false statement due to lack of deep study of Vedas and Yoga knowledge.

    'SOMA' is an ancient Shata Pathe Brahmin Holy Book by Yaska Muni is : "Satyam Shri Jyotihi Soma" and "Anrite Papma Tamah Sura.

    Meaning:- Here the 'Soma' is satyam shri and Jyotihi. Satyam = Truth, Shri = Venerable and Jyhotihi = Light.

    All three wrods, i.e. satyam Shri and Jyotihi thus are adjective of Almighty God. So the meaning of 'Soma' is God. Who is a Truth, Venerable and Light. Therefore, 'Soma' is =God = realized in Samadhi. So 'Soma' is also samadhi stage.

    Now we came to the meaning of sura in the above Holy Book. Here Sura is Anrite, Papma and Tamah. Anrite =Falsehood , papma = sins and tamah = Darkness and Sura=Wine

    Note: Falsehood, sins and darkness are related with bad deeds concerning with illusion. So wine is falsehood, Sins and Darkness.

    Therefore, where 'soma' is God, Truth and light etc, there Sura is totally in opposite.

    The 'Soma ' is an experience of a devotee who has completely absorbed soul (Himself ), within the utmost bliss of joy, but only after attaining the stage of Samadhi, i.e. realisation of God.

    From the above we come to a conclusion that where vedas and other Holy Books decribes spiritual philosophy and other like matters, the Yoga Education gives spiritual eyes and unables a devotee to see and realize description right from an atom to the stage of creation and even the Creator. Why should not we then adopt it?

    It should be accepted that Yoga knowledge blessed by God is a duty to be discharged by all concerned.

    What is Yoga?

    It is a learning which enlighten us of creation and the creator himself. Why should we not devote some time to learn Yoga. Let us now go in depth and see what yoga actually is: The Patnjali Yoga Darshan says :


    Meaning : Yogah=Yoga chitta = Combination of intellect,Egotism and Mana, i.e. faculty which receives knowledge from five senses and passes the same to intellect. Vriti = effect of Various forms, Nirodhah = stoppage.

    In whole of 195 Sutras of Yoga Darshahana "Chitta " has been used for a combination of intellect ( Budhi ), Ahankar (Ego) and Mana (Mind)

    Description: Total stoppage of various forms of 'Chitta' is called Yoga .(we can also say stoppage of total activity of Chittah. Study of word Chittah Vriti and Nirodhah etc will be defined and clarified in respective lessons.