Yoga Philosophy & Meditation - Lecture 11

Yoga philosophy actully teaches the Astatang Yoga to restrin the Chitta's various forms. For example when we see the water in a big pot and if the water is restrained and there is no any movement in the water then only we are able to see the shadow of moon in that pot .whereas if there is any movement in the water the shadow of moon will disappear . similarly if the Chitta has got various worldly forms through five senses .Then nobody is able to see GOD(realisation of god) .That is why Lord Krishna in 6 chapter shaloka 7to15has stated that who has overcome chitta's various forms and who has controlled his five senses ,five perceptions and mind, who sits alone at a lonely place does Aasans and control chitta's various forms ,he is a perfect yogi and gets peace of final liberation .However in sholka 33and 34 Arjuna puts problem stating that Chitta is very much powerful like the wind .Arjuna states that as the blowing wind in the space cannot be stopped by anybody else ,similarly the various forms of Chitta cannot be stopped.And in the absence of total stoppageof the Chitta's various forms, nobody is able to do Aasan or meditation etc .In reply Lord Krishna preaches Yoga philosophy in sholoka 35 and 36 that the continuous practice of Yoga philosophy by an ascetic total stoppage of the Chitta's various forms is possible .now a days we see that this this kind of superb preach by Lord Krishna is not being followed and there are very few who are real ascetics and practise Aasan/meditation ie; full Ashtang Yoga.Whereas from Mahabharta and Valmiki Ramayan we see that in the past three ancient periods Satya,Treta and Dwapur,this yoga philosophy used to practise by whole family (married or unmarried)door to door.So the doubt that yoga philosophy is not meant for a married family member is baseless.
When by virtue of the practice of Ashtang Yoga the stage of total stoppage of Chitta's activities is achieved,then the aspirants attain the stage of Samadhi(final liberation) In this condition yoga Shashtra Sutra 1/3 states the stage of soul:
''Tada drashtuhu swaroope awasthanam''ie; when the aspirants gets Asampragyat Samadhi (final liberation) then the soul stands in his own and real status .whole ancient religious books like Four Vedas ,Six Shashtras, Upnishads , Geeta etc ;speak the said stage of Samadhi to attain which is only a matter of human life .At this stage of Samadhi only the effect of the three qualities of Prakriti ie; Rajo, Tamo and sato do not effect the soul and the soul thus stands in his own real shape .The orignal status of the soul is immortal having utmost merriment and has got no concern with the worldly afairs which he has forgotten ie;why only the yoga philosophy has been very nicely preached in the Vedas by God himself showing blessings to the human beings to realise the soul his reality.In the Sutra of yoga Shashtra therefore,Patanjali Muni very deeply preaches that if anybody else has attained the Samadhi stage,then the soul acts on the various forms of the Chitta and the soul never thinks about himself. To know the real picture of the soul a beautiful instance is quoted here.
Once King Janaka saw a dream that he was a beggar and hungry.he was wandering heither and theither in search of food for the last two three days.He saw a place where the holy yajana had performed and even everybody had taken the pious food.The food was totally finish. But he saw a piece of chapatti on the ground which he immedietly took and as soon as he was to eat ,a kite jumped on him and flew away with that piece of chapatti . Thus the King could not eat due to the acute hungry stage ,he fell down on the ground unconsciouusly. He immedietely awoke and felt sad on the dream. He called a religious meeting of the Rishi-Muni and asked them that which was true .Whether it was true that I was a King and had plenty of money /food or whether it was true that I was seemed to be beggar and hungry in the dream. No one could reply satisfactory.At last Ashtravakra Muniji came there and told the King Janak that neither it was true that you were a King nor you were a beggar and hungry in the dream ,you were only soul and not body. And soul does not require either your food ,money or any tittle of the word like King etc.

Annual Yajna

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The 26th annual Yajyanushthan of four Vedas has commenced with effect from 30th April, 2006. His Holiness, Swami Ram Swarup ji, Yogacharya recites and explains the mantras in Hindi daily, for eight hours. His Holiness has now decided to spread the knowledge of Ved mantras in English on the web site for the benefit of readers with effect from today. Being Busy, he will only be able to explain one or two mantras in English. Only idea of the mantras will be explained, please. It will enable the readers to know about the subjects/preach of the Vedas.
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The soul has to face the result of deeds (Good or Bad) and not God - Lecture 9

Chetas Mana is called Chitta,where the deeds done by us are noted and the time to come in future, the result of deeds(sin or sacred) are to be faced. Rig-Veda Mantra 1/164/20 says that there is a tree on which two alive birds who are friends too,live together.Out of those one eats the ripened fruit of tree where as second does not take ,instead watches all around .It means that human body is like a tree.Tree can be cut,burnt,destroyed etc.Similarly our body is always destroyed.Secondly,in human body the two birds are "SOUL" and "ALMIGHTY GOD". God is omnipresent and therefore abides in every SOUL as well as everywhere. So the relationship between God and Soul is like a friend.Thirdly only Soul eats ripened fruit of the tree and not Almighty God. It means we "SOUL" always bears the result of the good or bad deeds in the shape of pleasure and sorrows accordingly and not by Almighty God. Being Omnipresent the God always watches every deed of human being which by His power are automatically printed on the Chitta. Yajur Veda Mantra 40/12 also preaches that God is everywhere. Therefore, we must always follow the Vedas teachings to do instigated deeds too for the self-benefit and for human beings and thus should not do any kind of sin because the God is looking everybody. The five senses manage the Mind to do sins and mind further makes agreed the Soul to follow.


Yoga practice prevents such type of process of conveying the "Vritti" to "Chitta/Mind".See that the Yoga education is only preached to the aspirant who is capable to understand and the first Sutra of the Samadhi Paad clearly states that there are five stages of Chitta,kshipt(confused) ,vikshipt(perplexed),moodh(fool,ignorant),ekagar(concentrated,undisturbed)and nirudh(total stoppage).First three stages are full of ignorance and worldly desires etc.,and aspirants have been denied to get the preach of Yoga philosophy by the Shashtras .The four stages "Ekagar" (concentrated,undisturbed)i.e.,has crossed the mud of worldly falsehood .In this Ekagar stage of "Chitta" the education of Yoga is preached only,otherwise it will go in vain.So before starting the Yoga philosophy to learn,one should learn basically about Yama and Niyama. There are five Yamas(restraint of passions).

  1. AHIMSA-non-violence means not to harm through mind, voice, action to anybody else just as injury or to loose all enthusiasm but to love each other and live together peacefully.

  2. SATYA-truth -from mind, voice and action always speak truth, accept truth and do hard deed to realize truth, never accepts falsehood.

  3. ASTEYA-theft -from mind, voice and action never do theft and escape from fraud.

  4. BRAHMCHARYA-celibacy/chastity- to control on five organs, five senses and eleventh the Mana.To restraint from indulging in sins and unreligious sexual indulgement etc.

  5. APARIGRAH-non acceptance of unnecessarily materialistic articles or not to store the worldly articles beyond necessity. 

Similarly there are five Niyamas.

  1. SAUCH-Purity to live in neat and clean atmosphere of residence, kitchen, environment etc., to take bath daily and dress/article of the house must be purified. This is outer purification. The inner purification is to think always for auspicious/instigated deeds to leave endless desires to fulfill materialistic comforts jealousy etc., to study Vedas/holy booksand to be connected with wiser for their preach.

  2. SANTOSH-Satisfaction whatever we get through hard-working and instigated deeds we must live upon and must be satisfied . In any circumstances of sorrow etc., we must not loose the truth and be satisfied.

  3. TAPA-Religious austerity/Penance to bear the consequences in religious path like continuous sitting to listen preach for a long time, to serve Rishi-Muni/Ashram in every season and to bear the obstacles if comes. To listen Vedas/holy books , to do Yajna,to serve and to denote for Rishi-Muni/true Saints, to think always religious matters to control the body and to do auspicious deeds.These are TAPAHA(religious austerity).

  4. SWADHAYAYA-Study of religious true holy books like Vedas, Shashtras etc., which inspires towards MOKSH(final liberation) and the silent repetition of a holy Mantra(name of Almighty God).It is also a study for self realization.

  5. ISHWAR-PRANIDHAN--- Faith on God to do always instigated deeds and to dedicate the result thereof to Almighty God. 

So before starting the Yoga education these ten educations(Yama and Niyama) helps in concentration of mind or fixing it on one point of Yoga philosophy to realise God. It helps to become us an ascetic failing which the Ekagar stage is not obtained and thus all the Yoga education goes in vain.However it does mean that one should leave the family life.Ascetic means only to leave the bad habits/sins etc., which are also not permitted in Vedas/Shashtras .Our ancient Rishi-Munis and even Lord Krishna or Shri Rama were married but by virtue of the study of Vedas and practising Yoga philosophy they all became equivalent to God .Now a days we see that oftenly everyone is after doing only Yoga Aasan(Posture) saying that he is learning and doing Yoga. These people are mostly after the materialistic wave. His mind is not concentrated ,he is perhaps looking after his body only to maintain it well ,keeping aside the main motto of concentration and worshipping adorable God.See that body is always destroyable and how long can it be maintained? The body of Ravana,Dutyodhan and Kansa was well maintained but due to lack of spiritualism it was of no use.On the other hand the well maintained body of Shri Rama ,Krishna,Arjuna,Bhishma and several others served the people by virtue of spiritualism .So we must first appreciate,respect and accept this ancient, Vedic and traditional education right from the beginning i.e., practising Yama and Niyama to destroy the first three worldly/materialistic stages of Chitta viz.,kshipt,vikshipt and moodh briefed above to enable us to concentrate our mind on a Ekagar Vritti.So that we may be able to practise real Yoga philosophy.This will naturally help to live together peacefully and to build a strong Nation because the worship means to progress in Science as well as in Spiritualism together so that we may build a strong Nation---the requirement of the real spiritualism, promoting international brotherhood and peace. 

Yoga Philosophy and Meditation - Lecture 10

Traditional Yoga education starts right from learning Yama and Niyama i.e., on-violence, truth, not to be thief, to control on senses, satisfaction, purity, religious austerity, study of religious books and faith in Almighty God. The materialistic environments, now a days, has ruined the traditional aspects and therefore, to follow the above qualities are not being taken in human life with the result the loving atmosphere or brotherhood between public has gone away even internationally. Mostly, we now start doing Asana (posture) and we give it the name of learning Yoga Philosophy.

We see in Mahabharata and Ramayana that in the ancient time, this Yoga Philosophy along with above qualities promoted the international brotherhood with long, happy life. Because the ancient Rishi-Munis/public practiced regularly its eight paths i.e., Yama, Niyama with the result they used to achieve final eighth stage of Samadhi (Salvation). Suppose if we now are doing Asana/exercises only or little bit Pranayam but there is no sign of satisfaction, non-violence, truth etc., in our life .So the mere doing Aasan's practice will not achieve the main mottoes of Yoga philosophy i.e., Ahimsa, justice brotherhood and Samadhi with long happy life. In the absence of which we will not love the human beings like Lord Rama/Krishna/Rishi-Munis etc. They loved the public as well as fought for justice also. Now days, often it has been a tradition to do the Asana with the intention to take care of health only. If we see the health of Ravana, Kansa, Duryodhan and Dhristrashtra etc., so we will find that no body is available on the earth to compare in this matter but there good health only became the reason of destruction of family and peace of public so the Yoga philosophy does not target the health point only. Mainly it is a worship and preach to whole of the world to live and let live .So keeping in view the said aspects we must therefore not merely study the first and second Sutra of Patanjali Yoga Shashtra that Yoga is only Samadhi or total stoppage of "Chitta Vritti" is called Samadhi i.e., realization of God. We will have to recollect this traditional Yoga philosophy in the spiritual way also that full eight paths of Yoga education concentrate, teaches how to worship God, promote international brotherhood including spreading non-violence and discharging the duties about family and nation.

Then we reach at the final stage of Samadhi. Certainly, therefore, traditional Yoga philosophy requires the deepest study of Patanjali Yoga-Darshan wherein we also find the references of immortal knowledge of four Vedas. In Vedas there are three immortal truths to be studied and known. First in Almighty God, second Soul and third is Prakriti (matter). God is one who creates Universe from Prakriti. Souls abide in human bodies. God and Souls are alive but Prakriti is non-alive matter. God and souls are immortal but the matters created from Prakriti are destroyable. So our body is as well as the whole Universe made from Prakriti is at one time destroyed, usually we see these happenings in the Universe daily like death, destruction of matter, food, cyclone, earthquake etc. Prakriti has got three qualities-Rajo, Tamo, Soothe Chitta (mind) is also made by the said three qualities of Prakriti.Sato quality is an indication of enlightment i.e., wisdom therefore, "Tato Chitta" is a wiser, Tamo is idleness. Therefore, Tamo Chitta never likes hard working and thus is lazy and unreligious. Rajo has qualities to do sins only. Therefore, by virtue of practicing Yama, Niyama and worship etc., when the Chitta attains the Sato qualities and ascetic stage and starts knowing the true religious preaching. At this stage the alive Soul feels himself totally separate from non-alive Rajo, Tamo and Sato qualities of prakriti.

Therefore soul is alive and human body where in "chitta'' is a part thereof, is non-alive. Therefore soul understands the knowledge viz., separation of "chitta" but "chitta" being non-alive matter does not know anything else. At this Samadhi stage the soul has got no worldly contacts .It is called "Asampragyat Samadhi" i.e., final liberation .It will be appreciated that mere doing Asana, the stages mentioned above can never be achieved /realized .Our birth is actually meant for attaining the said stage, the animals or birds etc., are not meant for this wisdom. And to attain the said stage the practice of Ash tang Yoga has been stated the best way in the Vedas /Shashtras.

Gayatri Mantra

To know the real meaning of any language, it is necessary to learn the grammar. The culture of a country is based on its literature (culture) and we can say literature is culture and culture is literature. The eternal knowledge i.e., four Vedas have been the culture of India and even the culture of the whole world, being the oldest literature of the universe. So every word of Vedas, which has the meaning of its grammar, can not be denied being true and the meaning against the grammar or against the Vedas is not acceptable by the learned being unauthentic.

Lectures on Yoga


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Swar Yoga


It is a well known fact on the Earth that the most ancient holy Books viz., four Vedas/six Shashtras are quoted as proof by the wisers .So in Vedas there is no Swar Yoga.But nin Vedas there is a description of surya Naadi(vein) a nd Chander Naadi(vein).For example, Atharva Veda Mantra 2/15/3 states that the left hole of nostril is called Chander Swar and right is Surya Swar (warm).Surya (Sun) is an indicator of fire/hotness whereas Chander (moon) is an indicator of Som matter Cold/Peace. The breathe (Pran & Apan) is moving through both holes of the nostril in two main veins , Ida vein and Pingla vein. Left nostril contains Ida vein and right contains Pingla vein. Between both eyebrows where these two veins(Naadi) are connected that point is called Murdha from where third Naadi(vein) Shushumna starts.Shushumna is Shiva and Shiva is Hans. When we breathe inside then the Swar is Sa and when we breathe outside then the Swar is Ha ,i.e.,Hans. Gayatri Mantra or Guru Mantra is practised by knowing this Swar knowledge. Secondly, Lom and Vilom practice of Pranayam is also done.But all this knowledge must be fully taken by a wiser Yogi first.So Swar Yoga can also be considered a part of Ashtang Yoga which is faithful to all .This is a vast knowledge and requires brief description which is not possible here. It is to be learnt from an experienced Yogi. However, if required this knowledge containing 10 lectures can be delivered on this subject of Swar Yoga. Please confirm. Any question on Yoga or spiritualism by readers or anybody else is highly appreciated and I shall feel personal pleasure to reply.

Aspirant go inside and see soul (self-realisation) by Ved/Yoga Philosophy and kn


Rigveda Mantra 1/164/16 states that nobody except the Rishi/Muni who is a philosopher of Vedas and Yoga education only knows about creation and the creator. Therefore, the Mantra further preaches that our life should be based on such a traditional knowledge where every human being should be educated about the creation in the form of Modern Science/Education together with the spiritual knowledge viz. Worship, adoration ,yoga practice and Yajna etc., based on Veda’s study. Because it is very clear from the study of four Vedas that the present sects have some particular name with religions like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain etc., but Vedas are only religion for humanity. These are the traditional education adopted by our forefathers/Rishis. This education gave morality, command on senses/organs, love to humanity, God fearing, non-violence ,end of ravages of hatred, nationality including thousands of other good qualities promoting International brotherhood. Thus when we study Vedas, practice Yoga education then only we become able to peep within our SOUL ,and know the true religion far from fundamentalism .Vedas/Shastras/ Upnishad/Geeta etc., the holy books have thrown light for the religion which give peace/ calm/ happiness to the humanity and not the hate/violence etc. The wise, who know Veda’s knowledge is only capable to gain, to know and to realize truth. Uptil now whatever today’s science has invented all those are mentioned in the Vedas. But much more undiscovered matters are still required to be invented lying in the Vedas. For-example in Valmiki Ramayan it is described that Hanumanji used a top class aero plane given by Sugriva to cross the ocean to locate Mata Sita. The plane was caught on radar by Ravan’s Army. This secret still requires invention. In Mahabharta, there is mention of a Brahmastra. If it is used it could destroy total Earth. But when it was used by Acharya Dron’s son Ashwathama on Yudishtra and his brothers for killing them, it had to be turned towards Abhimanyu’s wife Uttara by order of Vyas Muni. Now the BRAHMASHTRA only hitted the pregnancy of Uttara without killing or hurting even her. No science has yet produced such type of missile/arm/weapon. Therefore, we see that the ancient Rishis/Munis were the scientist in reality either in the matter of worldly science or the science of worship/Yoga education, to realize God and both the knowledge they showered on public for their happy long life and building a strong Nation. We must, therefore, not keep aside the ancient path of adopting traditional knowledge of Vedas/Yoga philosophy.


Now it is a matter of sorrow and saint Tulsi Dass has also written it in his Ramayan that now a days everybody has started saying him a Brahm Rishi/Yogi/Saint without knowing the traditional knowledge of Vedas/Yoga. See Ramayan:-

1.Marag so ja kahun joi bhava . Pandit soi jo gaal bajava.

2.Brahm gian binu nari nar karahaen na dusari baat.

3.Kali mal grasey dharam sab lupt bhaye sadagranth. Dambhinah nij mati kalpi kari pragat kiye bahu panth.

4.Duej shruti bechaka bhup prajasan . kou nahien maan nigam anusasan.

The conclusion of the above is that, even worldly science and maths go forward fundamentally on some recognized formula but now a days there is no any rules / regulations/ fundamentals/traditional paths etc., in the matter of worship. The way which suits that is only the way to be accepted quitting the traditional knowledge and fundamentals of Vedas/yoga education. Because now saints have sold Vedas i.e., they do not know about Vedas and preach therein. Secondly he who does not know even ABC about the vedic /yoga philosophy he also talks on not less than Brahm Gian. Study of Vedas reveals that , “Mantra drishta iti Rishi” i.e., who has practised Ashtang Yoga and has seen Ved mantras within his SOUL,he only entitles to be pounced the holy word Rishi and not other. So Rishi is an Ashtang Yogi and he preaches Vedas like Vishwamitra and Vyas Muni etc. This is a tradition. Tulsi Dass ji further says that false saints and unauthenticated false literature on spiritualism has grassed the true traditional/ancient literature .The above quoted Rig Veda Mantra l/164/16 also refers that only a wiser of Vedas knows truth. Thus the authenticated and scientific knowledge of God in Vedas cannot be over sighted, which our ancient Rishi- Munis like Vyas,Vishwamitra, king HarishChandra, Dashratha and Shri Rama, Krishna etc., too respected and adopted the same. They have left behind a tradition to follow up and we have to obey.


Athervaveda mantra 13/4/48,49 very nicely preaches that human beings must learn Vedas and yoga philosophy so that they may be able to be happy in the way of richness, prosperity, ill free life, to do auspicious deeds and to become able to build a strong nation. By the virtue of Vedas / yoga philosophy in the end we also become able to realize God. There is a pray in this mantra that when we attain all the stages then we truly become able to worship. Thus at this stage only God looks, bless and takes care of us. So Yoga philosophy preached in the Vedas is very much essential to gain for a long happy life /realization of God which one is also a main motto of human life. Samadhi Paad’s second sutra of Patanjali Yoga Darshana says :- “Yogaha chitta vritti nirodhaha” meaning :- Yogaha(Yoga)= Samadhi, Chitta = combination of intellect i.e.,budhi, ahankar (Ego) and mana (mind), Vritti= effect of various forms, nirodhaha=stoppage.That is to say stoppage of various forms of Chitta is called Yoga. According to the sutra it is sampragyat samadhi (sampragyat yoga).Because rishi Patanjali has stated here “chitta vritti nirodhaha” which means sampragyat yoga. Because he has not said Total chitta vritti nirodhaha.If the word total could also be used then its meaning could be treated as asampragyat yoga being total stoppage of chitta vritti.In sampragyat yoga we (soul) meditate and also know that he (soul) is meditating. In this situation soul is separate and the goal is separate. But in asampargyat yoga the soul forgets himself and is at that time emerged in God. Chitta gains the effect of worldly happenings through eye, ear, nose, tongue and skin by means of good or bad effects viz. looking , listening ,smell, taste and touch ability. When an aspirant practice ashtang yoga and becomes able to control on effect of worldly happenings on the chitta, it means he has attained the eight and the last path of ashtang yoga i.e., samadhi (yoga). That is why yoga is called samadhi as told earlier and main motto of yoga education to realize God is fulfilled. Now question arises what is chitta where the effect of five senses are endorsed? The body of human being is made of five cells as briefed in Vedas/shastras. Ist Annamaya cell. Anna means food, so our body is preserved only when we eat/drink water. Veda/shastras say that the human body is only meant for doing religious deeds. Second number is Pranamaya cell which means respiration cell i.e., we are alive when we respirator. Third is Manomaya cell which mean thinking cell. Our mind always keeps on thinking of good or bad. Fourth is Vigyanmaya cell which means soul. So we are soul and not body. Soul is alive one and body is non alive. Fifth is Anandamaya cell which is God. When soul by the power of yoga philosophy reaches in this fifth cell he realizes Almighty God and the aspirant is , thus, called a Yogi. Vide Riga Veda mantra mandal l0 sukta129 and Samkhya shashtra sutra l/26 our body is made of matter (prakriti) . Almighty God while creating the universe generates the first universal part of body from prakriti called Mahata (Buddhi). From Mahata God generates Ahankara (Ego) i.e., recognizing power. Then in its series mana (mind) is generated. Vide Yajur Veda Mantra 34/1-3 there are five kinds of mana (mind) due to its different type of functions - Deva mana, Yaksh mana, Pragyan mana, chetas mana and Dhritti mana . Within the five above , the Chetans mana (mind) is called chitta on which the effect of every deed done by us is noted. Yoga practice prevents the effect and aspirants get Samadhi stage (Yoga).

Yoga Philosophy - Lecture 7

Meaning of word Yoga- karma yoga in Bhagwad Gita

According to the epic Mahabharata , Arjun, his brothers, family and public used to worship in the shape of yajna. Ashtang Yoga etc., being spiritual deeds and on the other hand everybody used to discharge their duties in respect of nation, family etc., too like progress in science, agriculture , education, defence , business , family affairs being worldly deeds/duties etc. , as spiritual or materialistic ,these two types of duties according to Vedas are required to be discharged by the human beings. So karma Yoga (duties towards Nation/family etc.) preached in Bhagwad Gita are the duties related to thereligious Mahabharat war for which Arjun is fundamentally liable to discharge being Kshatriya-a warrior in community and he discharged the same accordingly .This preach to Arjuna about his duty to take part in the religious war being auspicious deed as per the Veda’s teachings for a military man , has got no concern with Ashtang yoga mentioned in Patanjali Yoga Darashan/Vedas. Because when a military man like Arjun is required to be prepared for taking part in a war, preachof worship or Yoga is not feasible and even looks no nice at this belated stage. Therefore, we too see in epic Mahabharta that since childhood all five brothers and the public used to do worship like Yajna ,Ashtang Yoga separately in daily life being spiritual deed.After Mahabharta war,Yudhistra ,Arjun with other three brothers ruled over the Earth for thirty-six years and at last on advice by Vyas Muni they left the kingdom and went to the jungle for worship/Yajna/Ashtang Yoga for the remaining life.

A Rishi/Yogi is only capable to dig out real meaning of Vedas /Shashtras, duly blessed with divine eyes.

Mahabharta, Bhagwat Geeta, Valmiki Ramayan and like wise other holy books of the ancient Rishis like Kapil Muni, Gemini Rishi , Vyas muni ,Agastya Rishi have been written on the basis of knowledge gained from the four Vedas.As there was no other holy except Vedas and even there was no other religion/culture was originated by any Rishi/Munis.Whole of the Universe used to worship or discharge duties in accordance with the four Vedas only. So to dig out the real meaning either of the Vedas /Yoga originated direct from Almighty God, or of all shastras written by the ancient Rishis, it is only possible by a yogi who studied as well as practiced preached in the vedas. This Truth has been stated by lord Krishna in Bhagwad Gita, chapter 11, shloka 8th that "o Arjuna ! You are not able to see me with ordinary eyes you have , therefore I donate you the divine eyes. About these divine eyes, Yajur Veda mantra 31/19 says -

“ Tasye Yoni pari pashyanti Dheeraha”

Dheeraha means the Yogi who has attained Eighth stage of Ashtang Yoga i.e., Samadhi .So the Mantra says that only an Ashtang yogi is able to see (realize) Almighty God. Rigveda Mantra 1/164/16 says that he who is not an Ashtang Yogi and thus has not attained Samadhi step by step is, therefore not capable to realize the God or dig out the factual meaning of divine words of Vedas/Yoga etc.

Use of word yoga in Bhagwat Geeta and Vedas in particular situation Keeping in view the above truth, now we learn chapter 2 of Bhagwad Geeta shloka 48 & 50. In these shalokas a word Yoga has been mentioned. The word Yoga is also generated from sanskrit dhatu , "yujir yoge"where its meaning is to unite. This is common meaning of the word Yoga. In this sense , one can be united with several objects like instigated deeds, bad deeds, study, God, television, theft , wandering hither&thither and so on. Therefore while giving the description of chitta vritti (effect of various forms of chitta) Patanjali Rishi very nicely preaches in sutra 1/1 of Yoga Darshana about the common meaning of “Yoga” that basically it is the nature of the mind in all kind of the stages (materialistic/spiritual) to be attached or think on one subject all the time. So to be united with any kind of deeds is also a Yoga situation . These shlokas have been cited by Lord Krishna in the situation when Arjuna is not desirous of taking part in the religious war of Mahabharata. He did not want to be united with the war. So this condition has been cited in shloka 48 wherein Lord Krishna says to Arjun a word "Yogastha" means- do not be puzzled, determine your duty and with full attention you discharge the same at your level best .While discharging the duties keep aside the attachment and the result thereof , relating either in success or in failure i.e. unite yourself with the duties. Similarly, in the same situation Lord Krishna speaks the word “Budhi yukto” in shloka 50, “Budhi Yukto ”means union with mind (Budhi) i.e., Budhi Yoga,i.e. to discharge duties at level best which means that a learned person knows his duties well as stipulated in Vedas and discharges the same accordingly. This is actually a definition of Karma Yogi, who discharges duties and never thinks about the result with regards to success or failure. We must also not forget that Bhagwat Geeta has been written by Vyas Muni in a manner being recited by the mouth of Lord Krishna who both were learned, wiser and philosopher of the Vedas and Yoga. That is why in both the shlokas, they hint about the learned Karma Yogi. Secondly, Yogeshwar Krishna says that the Karma Yogi does not do the bad deeds being against the Vedas. So these two shalokas conclude that the Karma Yogi leaving behind the result of success or failure is only after the duties to be discharged. Therefore, in this chapter too, the word Yoga does not mean Ashtang Yoga preached in Patanjali Yoga Darshan /Vedas.Yajur Veda Mantra 2, chapter 40 also preaches about Karma Yogi that doing the auspicious deeds ,discharging the duties, he attains good health and long life of more than hundred years .In this way doing instigated deeds for family, nation and self etc., he will never be attached with the result of the duties. Thus when we will have not to bear the result of deeds, naturally we will be able for salvation. This stage of salvation is obtained by discharging the duties and not by leaving. That is why Lord Krishna says, O Arjuna! being a Karma Yogi and keeping aside the result of war, you take part in the war and accordingly you will have not to bear the result of the deeds being religious mentioned in the Vedas. Several duties like national politics, agriculture, education, military arrangements to safe guard the nation , services to parents, spiritual master, old man- woman, services towards family affairs , categorized as social and materialistic auspicious deeds are mentioned in the Vedas are religious. On the other hand , Vedas too speak loudly about the several spiritual auspicious deeds like Yajna, Yoga practice etc. Both the duties are to be discharged and not only one. The above cited Yajur Veda mantra says that these both two types of the instigated deeds- spiritual and materialistic are required to be done by human-beings . But in these two above shalokas 48 & 50, only one type of social materialistic instigated deeds are being preached by Lord Krishna i.e., to take part in the war and not the second type of spiritual deeds i.e., Ashtang Yoga or Yajna etc. So everywhere the meaning of the word Yoga does not mean either Ashtang Yoga or Karma Yoga. Just see that in the Sanskrit language , the meaning of 'sandhava' is salt and is horse too. But when we are eating then its meaning will be considered salt and not horse. And when we are ready to ride then its meaning will have to be taken as horse and not salt. Similarly ,is the case of word Yoga and other divine words of Vedas too. For examplelet us observe Rig Vedas first mantra 'Agnim Idehe Purohitam------'.
This mantra says that we must desire for Agni. Now the worldly meaning of Agni is fire where as its spiritual meaning in this Mantrais Almighty God. According to this mantra, we desire to realize the Agni whose qualities are to creat universe, to nurse and to destroy it at an appropriate time, a town accord. Secondly, we are desirous of the Agni who takes care of human beings , who is giving the birth and by virtue of his blessings we are able to see our father, mother , and family; thirdly in this Rig Veda mantra, we desire the Agni who is showering upon us the blessings of food ,ornaments and all types of facilities around us. Now considering all the described qualities of the Agni mentioned in the mantra , a learned man (Rishi/Muni/Yogi) naturally digs out the meaning of such type of Agni as almighty God and not the fire. Because the burning worldly fire has got no such qualities of creating the universe etc., instead it has also been created by the Almighty God. So the burning worldly fire is not worship able in Vedic culture.


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