Questions & Answers - April 26, 2009

C: I am trying to maintain celibacy but what happens after doing with strong determination it breaks in a hostel due to shared TV and other resources. It is a single room. The food is made up of onion and garlic.

Questions & Answers - April 25, 2009

K: Can you tell me what is goorochan and why it is used for tilak? I am living overseas. Is their any another alternate to use for vashikaran to my husband from saving him someone else?
Swami Ramswarup: Yes, gorochan is used for tilak, please. As regards vashikaran mantra, no such mantra is there, please. Husband or wife is attracted based on the good qualities of both sides and discharging of moral duties of both sides.

Questions & Answers - April 24, 2009

Dr. Harish Arya: Whenever I have followed the dharam I have gotten the benefit, but I have a confusion now that as dharam says that one should be satisfied whatever he gets, but in study it is said that little dissatisfaction is very necessary to make the student to read and I have personally observed that what are you saying about that?

Questions & Answers - April 23, 2009

Lalit: If Sita who followed the Vedas meticulously was kidnapped by Ravan then what about ordinary human beings? Did she suffer because of her past karmas?
Swami Ramswarup: Sita Mata did not obey the advise of Laxman and crossed the laxman Rekha . She forced Sri Ram to bring the deer inspite of the advice that deer should not be taken because the jungle was full of devils. However, reason may be the said or other but the power of doing daily hawan had made Sita pure and kept always pure even in captivity of Ravana.

Questions & Answers - April 22, 2009

Sara: Question about marriage compatibility.
Swami Ramswarup: It is all in the hands of God. But God helps those who help themselves. Marriage must be arranged based on the good qualities of the boy and girl and no body should give the heart to the opposite sex before marriage. The boy should be independent i.e., earning member and well settled.

Questions & Answers - April 21, 2009

Sudhir Tyagi: Most respectfully, I will like to share some of the questions that I have on Geeta. Even after a lot of deep thinking, I am not able to reach on a conclusion. If you can shed some light on it, I will be very grateful.
1. When both armies are ready to face each other in war is an elaborate preach by Krishna possible? Is it possible that the creator of Geeta is Krishnadopayan? (Vyas Muni)
2. In many places in Geeta, there is critisism of studying Vedas. Is Geeta against Vedas?
3. How much should be the importance of Geeta for an Arya Samaji?

Questions & Answers - April 20, 2009

Kamal Nayan Gulati: I wanted to ask that can you give me any suggestion that from where could I get a book in which the whole viddhi of performing the havans is given with the mantras.
Swami Ramswarup: The book as required by you named Yajyen sarvasresth Ishwar Pooja is available here, please and can be sent on receipt of your postal address. Price of books is Rs.65/-.

Questions & Answers - April 19, 2009

Roopal: Pujya Swamiji as a Hindu, I have deep love and devotion to our deities and our Hindu way of life with all rituals and strong belief in reincarnation and karma. However, as I open up and speak to people, many people do not even believe in God ( mostly non-Hindus) and favor science over religion. They have more faith in another person ( other humans) than they do in God. How do I convince them that there is a God?

Questions & Answers - April 18, 2009

Mrs Iyer: Are there certain verses in the Manusmriti and Veda that defame women and show them on a bad light :such as: Manusmriti 9:2-4, Rig Veda 8:33:17, Purans and Mahabharat/Matsya Purana 70:40-60. Please explains because I also have seen Manu glorifying women. It is confusing why this duality?

Questions & Answers - April 17, 2009

Anonymous: I feel vibrations in my head while performing meditation? I have started yoga and havan as explained by you.
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you. Feelings of vibrations in head means that you are experiencing spiritual pleasure within you which is a good sign. I appreciate about your practice of Yoga Philosophy and doing hawan which is the best worship of Almighty God.

Dakshender Singh: What is scientific reason of putting havan samagri in havan?

Questions & Answers - April 16, 2009

N: Marital problems with husband. Is it due to Kundli mismatch? I am getting bad dreams.

Questions & Answers - April 15, 2009

C: I am trying to maintain celibacy but what happens after doing with strong determination but I am not having good people around in my hostel. The food in the hostel is also containing onion and garlic. Please guide me.

Annual Yajyen at Ved Mandir

Annual Yajyen of Four Vedas at Ved Mandir commenced on April 12, 2009. Nearly 6 times a day, Yajyen with Ved Mantras is conducted personally by Swami Ramswarupji. Aahutis of all four Vedas are given in holy Yajyen. In addition, Swamiji explains Ved Mantras alongwith related references in Shastras, Geeta, Ramayan, Mahabharat, etc. Bhajans are also recited in this holiest activity. Swamiji regularly teaches aspirants on Ashtang Yoga as well.

Questions & Answers - April 14, 2009

Sandeep: According to astrologers, my time is not good. I have got a good matrimonial match but the kundlis are not matching. Please guide. Can I marry her?

Questions & Answers - April 13, 2009

S: I have spent most of my savings to take care of parents and sisters and I don't have many savings left. I am worried. Please advise me on how to overcome this fear.


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