Questions & Answers - September 18, 2009

Subhash Arya: Swamiji namaste. Swami ji [ brahm satyam jagat mithya] what mean of this sentence. and this wrong or right. Please clear me. This sentence is written in your book Mrityu ek Katu Satya, page no. 36. Please tell me means of this. Thanks.

Questions & Answers - September 17, 2009

Bhavesh Merja: It is believed that Havan is done mainly for purification of environment. Can you quote any Veda mantra in which it is very clearly mentioned that for this purpose of environment protection & purification havan should be performed?

Questions & Answers - September 16, 2009

Bipin: Pranam, Swamiji. I request you please guide on this. I am taking three examples say, one person is serious from few days and also thinks that his death is nearby. Another person dies in his sleep due to sudden heart attack and third person dies on the spot due to car accident. Now may question is Swamiji, under these 3 circumstances what will be condition of soul? In the first case there is in mind of a person and he may start chanting God but in other two situations person doesn't get time to remember God before death. At time of death i.e.

Questions & Answers - September 15, 2009

Aneel Kumar: Swami Ji, could you give me the meaning (and explanation) of 10th Shaloka of 1st chapter of Srimad Bhagavad Gita?

Vedmandir's stall at Indonesia

On the 9th of September, 2009, Indian Women’s Association, Jakarta hoisted their yearly Charity Mela at the Four Seasons Hotel in South Jakarta, Indonesia. There were 203 vendors this year amongst which was one representing Vedmandir.

Questions & Answers - September 14, 2009

Gurpreet Singh: Sat Sri Akal Swamiji. Is it of any use if one recites God's Name with concentration lapses. In Guru Granth Saheb it is written Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad (Aushadhi) Nam. What is your opinion?

Questions & Answers - September 13, 2009

N S: I am a patient of high blood pressure, gastric & cholesterol problem? Please advice me what should I do? Any herbs or any other thing can help me out of this problem.
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you. First of all, I would advise you to follow the medical advise and I hope that you’ve already been following. Then, you must learn at least 6-8 yoga asans and Prannayam which will be beneficial for you.

Shubh Karma

Questions & Answers - September 12, 2009

Anonymous: I want to learn the method to perform basic havan. I am a non-brahmin and also a non-vegetarian. Is it so that everybody should not do havan?
Swami Ramswarup The caste is not based on birth but on deeds, as mentioned in Yajurveda mantra 31/11. Secondly, to perform daily hawan/Yajyen is stated as the preach of Vedas. Vedas are eternal knowledge which emanate direct from God.

Questions & Answers - September 11, 2009

Harish Pahooja: If we should not eat meat then why God has given us enzymes to digest that?
Swami Ramswarup: Enzymes have been provided by the God to the human-beings to digest vegetarian food only and not non-vegetarian. God has strictly prohibited non-vegetarian and addiction in Vedas. In this connection, I also paste my article-
Vegetarians and non-vegetarians are two categories. Accordingly the construction of body i.e., teeth, small intestine and large intestine, and digestive system has been made by God.

Questions & Answers - September 10, 2009

Alvin Lal: Pranaam Guruji, I know that you have studied various religious texts in detail. As such, I would like to get your views on Taoism and how it compares with Buddhism and Vedas.
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you. Taoism sect does not tally with vedas, please.

Questions & Answers - September 09, 2009

Subhash Arya: Namaste Swamiji. I want know about after death what happen at this time. Please write from your book Mrityu – ek Katu Satya.
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you. The book has since been sent to you. Please, confirm receipt. In this connection, I paste my article. Please go through the article and send the query, if any.

After death

Questions & Answers - September 08, 2009

Aneel Kumar: Sir, since Vedas has preached that slaughter/killing of any kind of living being is not permitted. Then why did the Lord Krishna in the battle of Kurukshetra make Arjun kill his opponents who were also living beings. Please answer this question.

Questions & Answers - September 07, 2009

Bipin: Pranam Swamiji. I have been reading books sent by you. I thank you and really grateful to you for this. As explained by you, in Vedas there is no mention of Astrology anywhere. However, in your book Yagna Karm-Sarwashreshth Ishwar Puja on page no. 33 it is mentioned that Muni Narad said that he had knowledge of Jyotish Shastra. So this seems contradictory. So, swamiji, we request to please explain this to have clarity.

Questions & Answers - September 06, 2009

Deepak: Charan Sparsh. Guruji can you please tell us meaning of this mantra: Rigved, Mandal 9, Sukt 96, Mantra 18.
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you.
Rigveda mantra 9/96/18:-
“Rishimanna Ya Rishikritsvarshaha Sahastranneethaha Padveehee Kavinaam,
Triteeyam Dhaam Manishaha Sishasantsomo Virajamanu Rajatishtup.”

Questions & Answers - September 05, 2009

S J: Which mantras should be recited for Guru purnima?
Swami Ramswarup: On the pious day of guru Poornima , the special mantras which are to be recited have been given at the end of book – sandhya mantra , with you. Please, offer the aahutis of those mantras and paying full attention, recite the mantras slowly and in the end of hawan, read out its meaning. My blessings are always with you all.

Anonymous: My cardiac checkup has come fine. However, I get chest pain sometimes, which the doctor says might be due to my worrisome nature.


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