Questions & Answers: Older Questions - First Set

Priya: I am facing a lot of problems in life. Please advise.
Swami Ramswarup: One must never be nervous from any problem. There is a saying in Hindi, " Deh Dhare Ka Dund Hai Sub Kahoo Ko Hoi, Gyani Bhugte Gyan Se Moorakh Bhugte Roy". Its meaning is the human or living body has to face the result of our previous lives on deeds whether

Questions & Answers: December 2006

Arpita Sudesh: Is Prophet Mohammed mentioned in Bhawat Gita?
Swami Ramswarup: No please. His name is not mentioned in Bhagwad Geeta. Bhagwad Geeta has been written five thousands and about three hundred years ago, i.e., before Hazrat Mohammad sahib.

Rajeev Bhatnagar: Puja to pacify pitradosha.

Questions & Answers: January 2007

Lekshmana Chandra: Thank you for the reply and have read the contents. I belong to Kanaya Kumari district of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the places in India where thousands of American dollars are spent yearly for conversion to Christianity. We are fighting against it with our meagre recourses and with the name of Swami Vevekananda kindling the awareness, how he has proved the superiority of Hinduism in America and the three faiths for a Hindu he contemplated; First faith in OM and Vedas, second faith in God and faith in Karma and rebirth of the soul.

Questions & Answers: February 2007

Lakshmi Narayanan: I am 29 yrs Pure Vegetarian Man. I am a veg by birth. Till now I have not taken any non veg. I strictly follow Vegetarianism. What was started (following Vegetarianism) as a family ritual has now been turned in to a vow. It was very difficult to follow veg in my surroundings whether it is office or home. Even though I follow it and till now I was a pure veg. I was given chicken pizza without telling by friends and I had it without noticing. Once I realized I vomited. What can I do to make amends?

Questions & Answers: March 2007

Rahul Radhakrishnan: Dear swamiji, You in your replies to some one recently mentioned that the sins we do in previous life decides what we get in present life and for the sins we do in present life we get result in next birth. SO DOES THAT MEAN THAT IF A PERSON DOES MANY MANY BAD DEEDS IN PRESENT LIFE, HE WILL NOT SUFFER AT ALL IN PRESENT LIFE DUE TO THESE BAD DEEDS? Please clarify.2. AGAIN IF I DO GOOD DEEDS LIKE CHANTING GAYATRI MANTRA DOING DAILY STUIDY OF VEDIC BOOKS ETC THEN WONT IT NEGATE OUR PREVIOUS LIFE's BAD DEEDS? 3.

Questions & Answers: April 2007

Alvin Lal: When Vyas Muni wrote the Vedas on Bhoj Patra for the first time, how did he choose what knowledge from which of the four Vedas Agni, Vayu, Aditya, and Angira goes where? i.e. How did it come to be four books and not five (for example), Rigveda, Samved, Atharvaved, and Yajurved? How was the original knowledge division/ correlation done into four books? How was it categorised, if at all? Meaning from the original 4 Vedas, whose knowledge was transferred by mouth, how was that knowledge divided up into 4 books? Hopefully swamiji you can enlighten me once more..

Questions & Answers: May 2007

Amit Dua: Nowadays electric Hawan Kunds are available in market, in which fire is lit through electricity. Is it fair to perform Hawan in such Hawan Kunds?
Swami Ramswarup: No please, it is not fair to perform havan in electric havan kund. In Vedas God has stated to use woods, please.

Sushma: I have arthritis in both knees. Is there any remedy? Please help.

Questions & Answers: June 2007

Rahul: Nowadays, I am studying manusmriti send by you. I have a doubt in 5th shloka of 1st chapter. Please clarify. 1. What do you mean by "aaseed" ?. I think ypu have been seeking 2. I didnt understand the description of "apragyatam alakshanam". Could you elaborate please. 3. Why is the pralaya state called "apratarkyam" and "avigneyam"? Avigneyam means cannot be known. But we can know from study of vedas and spiritual master. So why "avigjneyam"? I will be highly obliged if you clarify these.

Questions & Answers: August 2007

Tapan Ghosh: Who is Guru Sant Supan Sudarshan in Mahabharata? In which chapter of Mahabharata or Ramayana it can be found?
Swami Ramswarup: During the period of Mahabharata, the Sant mat (sect) was not in vogue. Only Rishi-Munis, Yogis, words were prevalent. So I think there was no such sant in Mahabharata, please.

Tejinder: Which day tulsi plant preferred to offer red chunni?

Questions & Answers: September 2007

Deen: Please enlighten us on the current issue of Ram Setu.
Swami Ramswarup: It is a hard fact that Shri Ram, Shri Krishna were born on this pious land of India and Shri Ram crossed the ocean to reach Lanka to fight with Ravanna. I will try to give clear picture in my article on this web site shortly.

Questions & Answers: October 2007

Dharmendra: Please tell me the meaning of shloka 11 in aadhay 9 in Bhagvad Geeta.
Swami Ramswarup: 9/11 Geeta shloka
(MOODAHA) ignorant people (MAAM) me (MANUSHEEM) man's (TANUM) body (AASHRITAM) holding (MUM) my (PARAM) the best/supreme (BHAVUM) natural/divine thoughts/feelings (AJAANANT) not knowing (MAAM) me (AVJAANANTI) ignore which is (BHOOTMAHESHWARAM) the best amongst all the living beings.

Questions & Answers: November 2007

Amit Kumar: I am trying my best to arrange a camp here. Was Shri Ram real? What about Ram Setu? Was it made by Shri Ram by monkey army? What do Vedas say about it?
Swami Ramswarup: In Vedas, no proper noun of any human being is mentioned. Vedas contain knowledge-science, education etc., upasana (worship), karma(deeds) i.e., form of pious deeds to be adopted and not sins.

Questions & Answers: December 2007

Rajeev Topannavar: I have heard of Ashwamedha Yajyen. Please give more details about it. How does it help everyone?

Questions & Answers: January 2008

Hemant: Can you please explain me in detail yog nidra? I have heard for a sadhak, he has to get up at brahma muharat & do his sadhana otherwise everything done is of no use. My question here is for a sadhak if he really wants to get up at brahma muharat? How does he get the minimum sleep required for his body to be relaxed? Can you please explain me how do the yogis use to relax their body within no time was there any technique like yog nidra?

Questions & Answers: February 2008

Kripa: Why don't we remember incidents of previous births?
Swami Ramswarup: In the present life, even we do not remember about the events of our childhood. We forget so many events which take place some years back. It is difficult to say that what vegetable, dal or fruit, we took in the dinner just 10-15 days ago. So, what to talk about the remembrance of past life? We can only say that it is all under the administration of Almighty God that we forget about previous lives' events. This matter has already been placed on the article entitled After Death.


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