Facing struggles of family life

Brave man never fails and I would like to mention here the word, impossible" for which Napoleon said that there is no word impossible in my dictionary. However, without proper knowledge and spiritual advice, no one can get peace. In case of Napoleon also, if I would say that if he could be advised for spreading International brotherhood and peace, then he could not be finished and could be remembered as a great dignity in the matter of spreading peace because everybody has to leave all the earned materialistic articles of the world. Here we have come to get the peace by hardworking with full concentration, devotion and dedication towards a right path. The reason of tension is fundamentally only one for the whole of the world that we try to gain peace from outward (out of our body and even from our body)sources, whereas peace is a matter to seek within the body by spiritualism under guidance of a Vedic philosopher (Guru). Then there will be no shortage of money, job etc., etc., otherwise Ravan, Dhritrashtra or Kans, who were kings, could have got peace from their kingdom. But king Dashrath, Harishchandra etc., were also kings and got peace also for which reason is clear. So I would advice you to please learn side by side, at least 10 simple yoga asans, pranayaam, meditation and naam jaap. I am away and therefore I can't teach you so please learn locally. It does not mean that you are leaving your factory, family etc., but through this you will get whatever you want in the family, because it is a fundamental and eternal law of Vedas and made direct by God which we have to follow.

Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, five Pandavas, Meerabai and countless persons, at one time also remained alone but got success later. So please do not worry, what you have will remain but leave the tension. Life is a struggle which we have to face and not to worry. When family members areteasing you then for sometime, i.e., months to one year, as per Vedic philosophy, you must keep silence and instead you must obey them like Pandavas, who according to situation obeyed Duryodhan, then sure youwill win. But if you retaliate then there will be lot of tension and problems which will not be feasible to all concerned. Satisfaction must be there in the life while keeping silence by you, God will sure be giving you the food, money etc., to pull on your children very well. Then why desire more? In the future,everything will be okay. This way is called Ahimsa which must be put into practice in life to get the best result.

If one says that one doesn’t want anything from others then the matter is finished but actually the same wording to be experienced in life is a problem. Shri Ram was awarded kingdom. Kekai objected. On hearing the wish of Kekai, Shri Ram left the kingdom and started journey to jungles for fourteen years. In fact we must know that Shri Ram was not ordered by king Dashrath to go to jungle but on the other hand Shri Ram himself wanted to fulfill the promise of king Dashrath, given to Kekai. The pious result of Shri Ram to leave the kingdom is before the world and in addition Shri Ram got the kingdom also. On the other hand, if Shri Ram would have not left the kingdom, then he could not be remembered like a bhagwan. So to gain the peace or kingdom etc., one has to learn the method of satisfaction and not gathering. So please stop your mind in going in wrong way for which you are yourself empowered. It will relieve the mental depression made on your wife and children and will give you and them long happy life. So please be patient with strong and firm peaceful decision.