Student life and Brahamcharya

Bhagwat Geeta in reality gives knowledge to us to study Vedas and very few know this fact. If Shri Krishna Maharaj could not study Vedas from Rishis Sandeepan with his friend Sudama, then how could he preach Arjuna. Actually Geeta is a true holy book but 99% writers are giving false views which I have been realising. Reason behind, that Shri Krishna Maharaj and the real writer of Bhagwat Geeta i.e., rishi Vyas were philosophers of Vedas and yoga philosophy whereas most of the present writershave never studied Vedas or tell lies that they know Vedas. So due to lack of knowledge of Vedas, nobody can give the real picture of even a single shlok of Geeta.

Simple living and high thinking is a great achievement. Thus moon has not been decorated by any diamond ornament etc., but looks very charming due to its own qualities of calmness etc. So we (soul) have to decorate us with the good qualities, spiritualism which are attained by following the path of Vedas as followed by Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Mata Sita etc. If one leaves habits that waste time, it will really help you to devote time for your study and spiritualism. God is everywhere and sees everybody including you and on this act of your change of life, God will really be happy and will shower blessingsupon you. He is brave, is a distinguished person who control five perceptions, five organs and mind from all evils like Shri ram, Mata Sita, Madalsa, Yogeshwar Krishna, King Harishchandra and all his public etc., of those days and he is not accepted by God who makes his perceptions, organs and mind free to do sins like Ravan, Kansa, Duryodhan and most of the politicians,Gurus and public of now a days.

Who devote daily time to worship like name jaap of God and yoga practice, become one day able to be a true Brahamchari/brahamcharini. Vedas tell that a student must always be a Brahamchari till he finishes his education.

You must know that people always laugh for good as well as for bad. You may see the life of Meerabai. Even Shri Ram, Shri Krishna who were opposed by many people of those days but they ignored them and followed the teaching of Yajurveda mantra 17/68. "SWAH YANTAHA NA APEKSHYANTE ADYAM ROHANTI RODASI YAJYAM YE VISHWATODHARAM SUVIDWANSAHA VITENIRE"
Meaning: (YE) who are (SUVIDWANSAHA) learned aspirants or Yogi, they (YANTAHA) when go to God i.e., when follow the path of worship according to Vedas to realise God, they (APEKSHYANTE) see or realise but do not bother any obstacle or comments from anywhere (SWAH) only merriment (RODASI) on the earth and even in universe, they (AA_ROHANTI) wander pleasantly (VITENIRE) they spread (VISHWATODHARAM YAJYAM) Yagya according to Vedas knowledge and attain salvation, i.e., an aspirant after adopting the path of Vedas, does yoga practice and by controlling his organs, perceptions and mind, realises God, attains salvation and simultaneously spread the same knowledge to universe like the work of ancient and present Rishisand Munis.

Marriage and future is always based on hard working, pious deeds, concentration, devotion towards a right path. Yajurveda mantra 40/14 says that one should get progress in both ways simultaneously i.e., in science education and worldly pious matters according to Vedas and secondly in spiritualism. So when your character and thinking will be high then after finishing you education, marriage will be no problem. You know that regarding Sita, Madalsa, Savitri, Kunti etc., marriage was no problem. Even the public of ancient time has got no problem in this regard. Instead the intelligent and brave princes used to come for swayamvar themselves due to the huge good qualities in those girls.

Quality of Brahmacharya is itself a caretaker of everything based on which most of the marriages used to take place at the age of 33 and 44 and minimum of 25 years and their life-span used to cross 200 years whereas now a days due to lack ofbrahmacharya everything has gone in vain. In these days of student and brahmacharya life, you need not to think about marriage, kids, and husband etc., because it is against Vedas and in the future, at a proper time, with the grace of God and Guru, everything will be alright after finishing of your studies. As regards Vedas, this is always done simultaneously i.e., with studies. You see, Shri Ram was a warrior, mathematician, scientist, family holder, king, a complete Yogi etc., and these all qualities, he gained during brahmacharya ashram and so was Mata Sita.

Everybody has mind and he who follows the order of mind, can never be happy, but he who controls the mind, is ever happy. So you dress up as you like but dress must be to satisfy soul and not mind. You know posh cities have destroyed several lives. All big cities have cheated several lives. So beware of false pomp and show because everything which glitters is not gold.

You must remember a cultural, ancient story of Shabri of Ramayana that she was ugly but loved by all world based on her Vedic qualities and Vedic path followed by her under guidance and blessings of her Guru Patang Rishi. I read a [poem of WilliamShakespeare while studying in 12th and is 100% true that,
"He who loves a rosy cheek and coral lips admires, And from star like eyes seek fuel to maintain his fire.
When old time makes this decay then his flames of love must waste away."
i.e., physical love is not everlasting but thelove based on good qualities and heart with equal combined never dies.