Sins committed in ignorance

Ignorance is itself a sin and result thereof is borne accordingly. If we study Vedas then we will find in 31 chapter of Yajurveda and mandal 10 of Rig Veda that God creates universe and simultaneously He originates the knowledge of four Vedas in the hearts of four Rishis of unsexual creation. Yog shastra sutra 1/26 clarifies that God is thus the first Guru of four Rishis and thereafter the Rishi Munis who knows Vedas and are Yogi like Vashisth Muni, Vyas Muni and Kapil Muni etc., have been our Gurus. And it is a tradition as per Saamveda mantra 744 and others also, which cannot be broken at any stage. Because fundamental law of the God/Nature can never be changed or there occurs no addition or alterations in truth said also in Sankhya shastra 3/25.

Rigveda mantra 1/112/1 says that darkness is finished when sun rises and its no alternative. Similarly illusion and ignorance is only finished by getting the knowledge of Vedas. And Yajurveda mantra 32/14 says to get the knowledge of Vedastraditionally. Now if someone by any means does not get knowledge so it is his fault. Yajurveda mantra 40/3 says such like personal are categorized as Asur. The knowledge of Vedas traditionally was being attained up to dwapur when Shri Krishna and Mahahbharta time was there and the whole earth was being controlled by one King only. Those were Manu, Kshipt, Vikshipt, Ikshvaku, Yayati, Ashtak, Harischandra, Sagar, Aj, Dashrath, Shri Ram and in dwapur Pandu, Yudhistar, Prikshit and Janamejay etc., etc. All those kings were learned, knew Vedas and yoga philosophy and Mahabharta andValmiki Ramayan gives the proofs that all the public used to perform havan and were satisfied by all means. They all have controlled their senses, organs and mind by getting knowledge of Vedas.

This tradition was for the last about one arab and more than 86 crore years, in experience/routine life. To cook, to eat, to bear clothes, to construct house, to study math, science etc., etc., and every subject of the universe have been taken from Vedas. And our forefathers and mothers were always thankful to God, to give all suchknowledge in the Vedas. Otherwise we would have been totally illiterate just like the backward races of the densy jungle who are not civilized as yet.

So conclusion is this that we have been taken advantage of Vedas of food, science, houses, cars and every sort of the benefit meant for our bodies only at present. But since the time of Mahahbharta we have forgotten Almighty God and Vedas. The reason behind Duryodhan, Dushashan,Shakuni and Kanakshastri first time became against the Vedas and Rishis and captured the kingdom of king Pandu through deceit. Then Mahabharta war took place and all the warriors lost their life therein remaining widows, mother, sister and children then were met with acute unbearable painful heart shock that they did a great inexcusable blunder mistake of not inviting respected Rishis to perform Yajna/ havan and listening of Vedas.

Thus the tradition first time in universe was broken. And for the following generation the sun of knowledge of Vedas started becoming set because so shocked personal could notleave to use the material like food etc., to live upon but they left the knowledge of Vedas of havan etc., meant for souls which is called Brahmodnam in Atharvaveda. Then what happened the time of arrogants started and they started their own ways of worship based on false against the Vedas and too earn the money only.

Please note at that time the present religions did not exist. Later on the people became habitual to live upon either without worship of God according to Vedas or by doing newly made so called worship. At that time the whole earth was in control of one king, but now the earth started to be broken into several kingdoms. And so the knowledge of Vedas had been washed away. So God is one and His knowledge is one. Our forefathers/mothers have done mistake since Mahabharta period and since then the bad luck of India had started. And we have been experiencing the consequences thereof, by one or other means. So ignorance due to lack of continue efforts to maintain tradition is not forgiven by God. Because this ignorance is on our part please. By this ignorance Godcannot change His law. Because this is also law in the Vedas that God never gives excuse at any cost.