Comments on translations by Piyush Trivedi

Comments on translations by Piyush Trivedi:
1. "ahannya hani bhootaani gachhantiha yamaalayamseshaaha sthaawar michhanti kimascharyamataha param"(mahaabhaarata yaksha udhisthir samvaad)

Live people think that I will survive, even though theysee every day that others are dying.

Meaning of the sholk:-- All the personal are going toYamlok but the remaining personal are desirous ofliving. OH! What a wonder more than this.

Comments by Swami Ramswarup: Living persons are so much attached with the worldly affairs that even looking the dead bodies in the past yet they forget their deaths and after funeral they are immediately attached with their routine.

2."kaamam kaamaymaansya ydaa maamaha smruthyateathainmparaha kaamaha xiprameva prabaadhate"(nyaya darshan vaa. bha. 4/1/57)
As soon as a person fulfils his expectations, newarises. Thus a Person becomes tried fulfilling endless expectations.

Comments by Swami Ramswarup: The shlok does not appear in nyaya shashtra. Please quote correct reference but your views are correct.

3."na jatu kaamaha kaamaanaamupbhogena shaamyatihavishaa krushnavtarmeva bhuya evaabhivarthate" (manu)

Expectations can not stop by fulfilling them. But theyincrease likely adding Ghee to the fire.

Meaning--- it is firm that such as fuel and ghee isput into fire, then fire increases, similarly whendesires are fulfilled those are never ended butincreased.

Comments by Swami Ramswarup: One should control the bad desires otherwise he will be slave of organs and senses.

4. "yatpruvyaam brihiyavam hiranyam pashavaha shrtiyahaekashyaapi na paryaaptam tasmaatrusnaam parityajet"
(mahabhaarata aadiparva sambhava parva a.85 shloka 13)

All the money, women, animals, food stuffs etc. arenot sufficient for one man. The wish of storing themshould be neglected.

Comments by Swami Ramswarup: The shlok quoted by you is not in available in mahabharta please. But your views are good.

5."na saamprayaha tratibhaati baalam pramaadhantamvitmohen mutham"

persons impressed by the "lobh" of money, idleness,"agyanta" etc. do not like the study of soul and supersoul(God)

Comments by Swami Ramswarup: Please quote reference of the shlok but you views are good.

6."sayayaasanashthoth .... nitya yuktomrutabhogbhagi"(yog darshana vya. ma. 2/32)

Comments by Swami Ramswarup: This sutra does not pertains to yog darshanplease. 2/32 sutra of yog darshan is:---