Prophecy of Prophet Muhammad in Hindu scriptures?

Rahul: Recently a Muslim friend of mine is spamming my mailbox with verses of the Vedas and bhavishya purana saying Allah and prophet Muhammad is prophesied in them. Since I do not have proper knowledge of Sanskrit and am thoroughly confused could you please help me translate the verses?

Rigveda bk no 2 hymn 1 verse 11, he says which mentions ila and is pronounced as Allah. I know this sounds stupid argument but could you help me with the meaning of ila?

Atharvaveda book 20. hymn 21.verses 1 to 7.

Samaveda book 1 chapter 2 part 1 verse 8 which says Ahmad acquired religious law (Shariah) from his Lord. This religious law is full of wisdom. I receive light from him just as from the sun.

Also in the Bhavishya Purana Prophet Muhammad is prophesized. Eagerly waiting for your response.
Swami Ramswarup:
Atharvaveda mantra 20/21/1:
(MAHE) adorable (INDRAYE) for the glorious, learned dignitary (SU) beautiful (VACHAM) divine Vedas' voice (GIRAH) praise i.e., we praise (VIVASVATAHA) wealthy, learned dignitary (SADNE) at the residence (NE U) definitely (PRA) with full devotion (BHARAMAHE) hold (HE) because (SASTAAM) of the sleeping man (Iv) sure (RATNAM) precious stones i.e., pleasure giving wealth. (NU) immediately (CHITTA) definitely (AVIDAT) the man has taken i.e., thief etc., has stolen (DRAVIDNODESHU) in the person who gives money (DUSTUTIHI) corrupt praise (NA SHASYATE) is not good.

Meaning: We hold the praise for the adorable and glorious learned dignitary by beautiful, divine Vedas' voice, at the residence of wealthy learned dignitary. Because the thief has stolen the precious stones, i.e., pleasure giving wealth of the sleeping man, i.e., lazy man. Because the bad thinking in the person who gives money is not good, i.e., in the society of the wealthy person who donate the money for Yajyen, etc. They never use wrong words for the learned acharya etc., but they only praise them.

Idea: A lazy person can never work hard to earn money and to gain spiritual education. He will not study Vedas, will not do holy Yajyen, name-jaap etc., and on the other hand he will not do hard work to earn sufficient money to look after the family well. He can't take care of his home properly and even his house-hold goods get stolen by the thieves due to his laziness.

We are blessed by God with human body to study Vedas, to do Yajyen and practice of yoga philosophy and to realize God. Simultaneously, we have to get progress in education, science and pious worldly matters while discharging moral duties towards family, society and nation. A hard working man does the same honestly whereas the said education is also stolen from a lazy man.

Atharvaveda 20/21/2:

(INDRA) Oh! glorious king! You are (DURAHA) the bestower of (ASHVASYA) horses (DURAHA) bestower of (GOHO) land (DURAHA) the bestower of(YAVASYA) food grains. You are the (INAHA) lord of (VASUNAHA) wealth and (PATIHI) protector. You are (SHIKSHANARAHA) giver of education and (PRADIVAHA) good conduct. You are (AKAAMKARSHANNAHA) the king who weakens the lazy people and (SAKHIBHYAHA) for the friends, (SAKHAH ASI) you are friend. Therefore we (GIRNNEEMASI) utter (IDAM) these i.e., the said words (TAM) to you.

Meaning: Oh! glorious king! You are the bestower of horses, bestower of land, the bestower of food grains. You are the lord of wealth and protector. You are giver of education and good conduct. You are the king who weakens the lazy people and for the friends, you are friend. Therefore we utter these i.e., the said words to you.

Idea: Here the meaning of king is who wields all kinds of glory. In the mantra God has told the king that it is your duty towards public to provide them with horses, land, food- grains, wealth, protection, education and good conduct. You have to look after the public properly. Oh King! It is your duty to weaken the lazy people i.e., to punish the lazy people who do not hard work and make the country weak. Oh king! You have to stop all kinds of beggary etc., and you are to secure the wealth and respect of honest, hard working persons. You have to give punishment to the ignorant and liars etc., and have to respect the learned acharyas of Vedas and yoga philosophy and you have to look after them properly.

Atharvaveda mantra 20/2/3
(shacheeva) O! Supreme minded (purkrit) hard worker of several deeds and (DUYUMAT+ TAM) enlightened (INDRA) king (TWA IT) yours only (IDAM) this (VASU) wealth (ABHITEHA) from all sides (CHEKITEHA) is known. (ATEHA) therefore, (AA BHAR) fulfill all goods for public (SANGRIMAYA) by gathering (MAA UNAYEEHI) do not minimize (kamam) hope of those who (TWAYATAHA) desire and love you and who (JARITUHU) praise you.

Meaning: O! Supreme minded hard worker of several deeds and enlightened king yours only this wealth from all sides is known therefore, fulfill all goods for public by gathering do not minimize hope of those who desire and love you and who praise you.

Idea: In the above mantra God has briefed the good qualities of a king. King must be supreme minded and learned of Vedas. In the Vedas it is clearly mentioned that the king must be having the knowledge of four Vedas, because in Vedas all the pious deeds, duties and politics for a king have been mentioned which the great king obeys. Shri ram, Dashratha, Harishchandra, Shri Krishna and several ancient kings were the philosopher of Vedas, that is why they looked after the public well. He must be a lazy but hard worker. He must be enlightened i.e., he must have been enlightened by a learned acharya and therefore he must also be God fearing king. His treasury must always be full of money and he must be having sufficient grains and other all goods for the use of public. In his kingdom these must have been no financial or other problems. The said requirement is of public and the king must not demoralize the public. Such king is loved by all. All praise him. On the other hand at present due to lack of knowledge of Vedas mostly the leaders have failed to look after the public well. That are mostly failed to pleased and fulfill the desire of public. So even to be a good leader, one must study Vedas.

Similarly Mantra 4, 5, 6 and 7 states about King's duties. That a great king who gives justice to public and by his good administration when the culprits, i.e., thieves, dacoits, culprits who commit treason etc. are punished and destroyed then the public the public attains peace, assets, wealth etc., and gets progress in life.

So, in the above mantras no name of any prophet etc., has been mentioned. One thing is clear in the Vedas that Vedas never state about any proper name. Secondly, Vedas do not tell about Avtarvaad. In the Vedas, the principles and duties etc., have been mentioned like constitution of the World, to be obeyed.

In Sam Veda Mantra 122, as stated by you, states when holy Yajyen are performed then glory (including assets, wealth, treasure etc.) of the king and the public is increased. In the Mantra, it is stated " AHAM"= I, "VASVAHA" = wealth in the form of cows, horses, assets etc.. "ISHEY" = Master i.e., by performing Yajyen and hardworking. Oh! God may I be the master of wealth in the form of cows, horses, assets etc.

Hence, in the said Sam Veda Mantra, "AHAM" means "I".


Oh! DEV =ONE WHO GIVES, AGNE = KNOWLEDGE OF VEDAS, TVAM = YOU, DASHUSHE = FOR THOSE DISCIPLES WHO ARE DONORS, ADITIHI = LIKE HEAVENLY BODIES EMITTING LIGHT, YOU ENLIGHTEN THE DISCIPLES WITH SUPREME QUALITIES OF WISDOM. TVAM = You, HOTRA BHARATI=you are acceptable like a baby who has attained full knowledge. GIRA = by the sweet preach of Vedas voice, VARDHSAE = we get progress. DAKSHASE = to give the knowledge, TVAM = you are IDA = i.e., you are praiseworthy like a lady teacher, who has attained hundred years of age. OH! VASUPATE = master of wealth, TVAM = you, VRITRAHA= like a sun who destroy the black clouds to cause rain and you are like SARASWATI = a divine voice full of knowledge, science, etc.

The idea of the mantra is that we must go to a learned acharya to learn the deepest knowledge of Vedas to be a learned person so as to get long happy life.

In the mantra, the meaning of the word "IDA" he who is desirous to be praised. In first mantra of RIG VEDA, it is stated " AGNIM IDEY" here the meaning of " IDEY" is praise of God and "IDA" means desire i.e. I have a desire to praise, pray and worship God. So IDA means praise or desire.

Vedic Sanskrit is divine voice which emanates direct from God at the beginning of the earth.

In the divine Sanskrit, there are sixty-three alphabets in which there are four Yam i.e., Hrisva, Deergha, Anunasik and a symbolic alphabet which is pronounced "Da". So it the above mantra it has been stated" SHATHIMA IDA ASI ". So it is IDA not ILA please. Moreover, in four Vedas no personal name has been mentioned. Personal (proper) names of God have only been mentioned. So he who does not know divine Sanskrit, he does know the real meaning of Ved mantras, please. The same problem in with Bhagwad Geeta, Valmiki Ramayana, Mahabharata, ancient holy books.

What is going on, that nowadays mostly the saints do not study Vedic Grammar and Vedas. They usually remember, Bhagwad Geeta etc., with the comments of previous saints without knowing that whether the comments and meanings of words of Bhagwad Geeta are according to Vedas or not. When the saints start speaking Bhagwad Geeta's shlok in Sanskrit or shloks of Purann in Sanskrit, people start thinking that saint is learned of Sanskrit and Vedas. But mostly it is not true and therefore mostly illusions is being spread in the public because public is already ignorant of Vedas and Sanskrit.

Muhammad Sarosh Butt sent in a detailed query regarding Prophecy of Prophet Muhammad in Hindu scriptures. His query was answered by Swamiji. The questions and answers are listed below:

The Quran informs us that, prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is not only Warner for one nation but, for the whole mankind, it further informs that, the prophecy of Muhammad (PBUH) was foretold in the previous Scriptures revealed on different nations.

Swami Ramswarup: No doubt that Prophet Muhammad and holy Quran is Warner for whole of the world. The preach of a Prophet is always meant for human being. Similarly if one study Vedas then he will find that preach therein is beneficial for human being and not for a particular sect. Prophecy of Prophet Muhammad which was foretold is also true because every great saint always wants the people for their happy future.

"Blessed is He who has sent down the Criterion to His worshiper (Prophet Muhammad), that he is a Warner to all mankind." (25:1)
Swami Ramswarup: AMEEN. According to the Vedas the universe has been created about one arab and ninety six crore years back , since then so many Prophets have preached the human beings and with the result the whole of the earth followed and got peace. In the same manner Prophet Muhammad is blessed by Almighty GOD who is one for whole human beings and we all honour Him (Prophet Muhammad, Warner of All mankind) and accept their all good teachings (pious ayat).

"We sent thee not but as a Mercy for all the creatures." (21:107)
Swami Ramswarup: AMEEN. Almighty GOD always showers mercy to the human beings while sending HIS Prophets like Hazrat Muhammad Sahib.

"We sent thee not but as a bringer of good tidings and a Warner unto all mankind.” (34:28)
Swami Ramswarup: AMEEN. Yes please.

"Those who follow the Messenger, the unlettered Prophet, whom they find mentioned in their own (scriptures) in the law and the Gospel". (7.157)
Swami Ramswarup: AMEEN. Yes please.

According to Hindu belief an Avtar is going to appear in the future, who will be the final Avtar and he will be bless for all mankind and kill the evil.
Swami Ramswarup: Hindu Dharam is mainly based on four Vedas, six shashtras, Upnishads, and other holy books. According to Vedas there is no provision of Avtar because GOD is Almighty and needs no assistant. Avtar can be considered as a faith of the people. The evil is killed by individually by doing pious deeds and accepting the preach of true Prophets.

There are several indications and specifications have been predicted and mentioned about the Avtar. And all these specifications and indications 100% fit on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
Swami Ramswarup: As I have said above the avtar may be based on faith but neither vedas nor shashtras and upnishads say about avtar. There is only one god who creates, nurses and destroys the universe and being almighty that is God has all powers within him to do anything, So God needs no assistant. We must follow the preaches of Prophets who have preached right from beginning of the Earth to get peace and promote brotherhood internationally.

If there is no provision for Avtar in Vedas then what is the aim of mentioning Muhammad's (pbuh) name in Athar Veda & Sama Veda.
Swami Ramswarup: I have been preaching four vedas, shashtras, geeta, gurugranth sahib and quran sharif also with other religious holy granth since 1971. So please quote the references of atharveda and saamveda and oblige me.

"AHMAD acquired religious Law (Quran) from his Lord. This religious Law is full of wisdom. I receive light from him just as from the Sun.."[Sama Veda II:6,8]
Swami Ramswarup: Saamveda has 1875 mantras that is from 1 to 1875. So please quote number of the mantra like 69, 80, 100, 210 etc., etc.

He is Narashansah or the praised one (Muhammad). He is Kaurama: the prince of peace or the emigrant, who is safe, even amongst a host of 60,090 enemies. He is a camel-riding Rishi, whose chariot touches the heaven. [Atharvaveda book 20 Hymn 127 verses 1-13]
Swami Ramswarup: In atharvveda mantra 2o/127/1 narashanshah means He who is praised by human beings and naturally He is Almighty God. Knowledge of vedas originated at the time of creation that is more than one arab ninety six crore years back. At that time there were no any sect originated. Our ancient rishis studied only vedas, which are still applicable for whole of the world. About five thousand years back rishi patanjali philosopher of yoga and vedas has told in his yoga shashtra samadhi paad sutra 1/24 "purush vishesh ishwarah" that is supreme amongst human beings is only almighty God. In bhagwat geeta shalok 10/27 Yogeshwar Krishna says “Amongst human beings I am king.” Here Shri Krishna is trying to give knowledge that almighty God is only supreme and after God next are rishis, munis, prophets, faquirs who are considered supreme amongst human beings because they preach the human beings. That is why there is a pious ayat of holy quran sharif in the beginning that every preach is only for khuda and in pious hadis sharif it is rightly mentioned that amongst all --- "la ila-ha il lal laha." and the best prayer al-hamdu lillaha. So here we can accept the meaning of narashashah in respect of the person who is praised by all human beings due to his preach and pious deeds etc. Kauram means the king of whole earth or prophet, rishi, muni.

What do you think that specifications of Kalki Avtar in Bhovishya Puran & Kalki Puran which fits on Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) are not true? and how the name and indications of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) became part of Hindu scriptures ?
Swami Ramswarup: There are 18 purans--- bhagwat, vishnu, padam, shiv, etc.wherein avtar is accepted but according to four vedas the eternal knowledge direct from God, avtar is not proved please, being no reason thereof. For example if almighty God wish to do any thing then why he will depend on any body etc.- etc. When God creates, nurses and destroy the universe he does not want any assistant for the biggest said deed. Then how he will take avtar for doing simple task which all are his powers to do without avtar. Yes, some people have faith on avtar and they must continue their worship accordingly and we also have regard for the same. Hazrat muhammad sahib are the most respected, adorable pegamber of khuda (almighty God) and quran sharif says in the beginning (2 sur bakar 87) that without any doubt holy quran majid is a kalam from Khuda and o muhammad the book originated within you and the other books originated within others before this are faithful and without any doubt everybody must have faith on all them. The teachings of Hazrat muhammad sahib being divine and direct from God are always applicable to Hindus and others as vedas are applicable for all human beings.

According to your answer "Prophet Muhammad is blessed by Almighty GOD who is one for whole human beings and we all honour Him (Prophet Muhammad, Warner of All mankind) and accept their all good teachings (pious ayat). And you further said "We must follow the preaches of prophets who have preached right from beginning of the Earth to get peace and promote brotherhood internationally." If you accept God is one & prophet Muhammad is blessed by God and we should accept their teaching, then why should not you accept the teaching of prophet Muhammad (pbuh)which is the teaching of Islam and become The Muslim?
Swami Ramswarup: When almighty God created universe there was no any sect. So to accept the teaching of pious quran or vedas it is not necessary to become muslim or hindu but it is necessary to accept the teachings and become the human being. So I love Islam and whole human beings. I participate with muslims, I learnt tabla from Ustad Bhaju Khan sahib of Kirana Gharana. I quote mirza galib's views--- Bas ki mushkil hai har kaam ma aasaan hona, aadmi ko bhi maysar nahin insaan hona.

Do you think that prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the last prophet and there will be no more prophet after him.
Swami Ramswarup: It all depends in the hand of Almighty God please.

In one of your given answer at your site you said that the knowledge of Vedas is from God. The knowledge from God always revealed on His assigned Messengers or prophets, who was the prophet to whom these Vedas were revealed? and what is the authenticity that Vedas are save from human manipulation?
Swami Ramswarup: In 31 chapter of yajurveda mantra 7 it is said --- tasmat yajat sarvahuth richah samani jajire, chhandansi jajire tasmat yajuhu tasmat ajayat in this mantra richah means rigveda, samani= saamveda, chhandansi=atharvaveda, yajuhu=yajurveda, ajayat is a verb which means emanates. Whole meaning is these four vedas emanates from almighty god who is adorable by all human beings. This chapter says about creation also and being lengthy I am unable to describe here. In manu smariti shalok 1/23 Manu says that vaayu, agni, aditya and angira rishi at the time of first unsexual creation gained the knowledge of four vedas in their heart. Vedas knowledge originated in their heart just like ayat. In the beginning of this site I have deputed 17 yoga lectures. In the first three lectures there is mention of origin of vedas please. I would request to please go through the lectures and oblige me by sending me your views thereon.