Vedic inspiration for Business

Vedas are the store house of entire knowledge. God also gives knowledge regarding economy in four Vedas because the hard-earned money leads to attainment of eternal happiness in life. Hence, while imparting knowledge regarding finance and business God states in Yajurveda mantra 31/11 regarding Vaishya or a businessman - "YAT URU TADASYA VAISHYAHA AASEET" i.e., in the universe created by God he who has great strength in thighs and does hard deeds with quickness, he who travels throughout the country and abroad to create and distribute goods equitably throughout the country and abroad is true businessman/vaishyas. Such businessman knows all about business and agriculture.

Atharvaveda Kand 31, Sukta 15 and 17 states- "AHAM INDRAM VANNIJAM CHAUDYAMI" i.e., I pray to God who does business that "SAHA NAHA PURAHA ETA" that He may inspire us to
progress in the path of business. This also makes it clear that before starting any auspicious work or business, we should always remember Almighty God. Mantra further states:-

DHANADHAHA ASTU." i.e., controller/commander of entire universe may obliterate all those who cause obstacles in business, who are our enemies, thieves, dacoits etc., and God may bestow wealth, assets on me when I work hard and put in my best efforts to carry on business.

Yajurveda mantra states- "SYAM PATYO RAYEENNAM" Oh! God, we may become owner of wealth and money.

Atharvaveda mantra 3/15/5 states that we should listen Vedas from learned acharya of Vedas, do Yajyen and pray in the manner that Oh! Learned of Vedas:- "DHANEN DHANAM ICHCHAMAANAHA YEN DHANENAM PRAPANNAM CHARAAMI TAT MEIN BHOOYAHA BHAVATU KANEEYAHA MA." i.e., I desire to multiply my principal amount in business and employ money in buying and selling goods etc., so that my wealth increases and I may not suffer loss.

Oh! God while doing business we may always remain away from sins like illegal speculations,
gambling, etc. Next mantra states that while desiring to multiply my business, may I exercise control over my senses, perceptions and mind and take interest in doing business for the pious sake of taking care of my family and may I always work hard to do so.