Hanging of Afzal

Query: A prison who is declared as terrorist and subjected to death sentence, after complete hearing and with all evidences from supreme court itself. After that also chief minister of a state pray mercy for that terrorist, to the president. The terrorist who one tried to blackmail the whole India by capturing all M.P's of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and try to harm the heart of democracy, the parliament. When himself a chief minister of Indian state and the peoples (CM of J&K Gulam Nabi Azad and opposition leaders) who give moral support to him, then what will be situation of the nation? Who protect India? Did India only belongs to Hindus? The persons (who giving moral support to the terrorists) did not getting the facilities from the Indian soil, government? Taking food, water, air of the land, if they do not have commitment with the nation, then there is no need of any other country to attack and destroy India. India will automatically destroyed by these Indians. If the moral support will be continued in this manner then no one feel mistake, for harming the nation.
Swami Ramswarup: I can only say that final justice is always awarded by almighty God, who is the supreme judge of whole universe. Is our law and order are correct? Is a poor and helpless citizen has ever got justice? Are there not criminal sitting in parliament? Is every leader is like King Dashrath, Janak, Harishchandra? Is our India free from corruption etc., then what to talk about justice from anywhere else.

Indian culture has been destroyed for the last about more than 4000 years. So, no need to destroy India because the base of any country is its culture - when culture has been destroyed of any country then country gets perished away at its own.

The voice of our leaders, administrators, courts, and people have no justice, no brotherhood, no truth, no mercy, no nationality, no purity in hearts, no honesty, etc., etc.,etc. Why? Because only culture gives the said education/qualities. And when culture is not there, which is a base of qualities then no hope remains for justice etc. However, the matter is sub-judice.


(In response to a query by SC)