Vedic response by Indian government to Mumbai Terror attacks

Query: We are all very upset about the terrorist attack in Mumbai. What should government do, according to Vedas?
Swami Ramswarup: Qualities of King/Political leaders in Vedas:-
(1) King should be saviour (protector) of public and must be religious(i.e. must know Vedas’ philosophy as was known by King Dashrath, Harishchandra, Sri Ram, Sri Krishna Maharaj etc., who saved the public, gave justice, food, basic amenities to their subjects and nursed the people like their own children. In their reign, no one could dare to become terrorist.

(2) The king as glorious as fire maintains peace in the kingdom by making thieves, dacoits to surrender before him.

(3) The famous/glorious king in lieu of extracting tax from public punishes the culprits and brings joy to the public.

(4) Peace is established within kingdom when selfish culprits cry on being punished by most glorious king.

(5) King as glorious as fire should imprison the tyrants and behead them.